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26. 1. 2013 - 12:36

Today's Webtip: Applr

another attempt to solve the problem of the app stores.

Or, in this case the app store. Apples attempt at the app store might have shown the world that something like that could work, but it also set a bad example that everyone seems to follow.

It's a pain in the butt to try to find anything.

Tere have been plenty of others that have tried to solve that problem, but I havent found one that has really grabbed me. And so I am testing again, this time with a website that wants to cross apps with social networking. wants to know what apps you have. Yu can choose to enter the information yourself or you can let it grab that info from you AppleID. Something that makes me more than a little nervous, but is meant to make the whole process more convenient. You can also connect your Facebook and Twitter account to see what your connections suggest.

It's not the answer to all of the app store problems, but it has one or two things that might just be of use.