Standort: / Meldung: "History repeating in Mali?"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

18. 1. 2013 - 14:00

History repeating in Mali?

Reality Check: Mali and Algeria, EU reaction to UK "drifting away", Armstrong confession, Greece tax evasion, military service referendum in Austria.

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As the crisis in Algeria escalates, and the situation in Mali appears to be becoming more and more complicated and daunting for the international forces.

Although France promised a short mission in Mali lasting only a few weeks, the Islamist rebels are proving to be better armed and better organised than they expected. There is now a real risk that this could become a repeat of the stories of international intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan.

French forces in Mali


French troops move into action in Mali, but find the rebels well prepared.

International security expert, Paul Rogers, gives his analysis of recent events in the region and their implications.

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Cameron cancels Europe speech

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, has cancelled his much anticipated speech on Europe amid the Algeria crisis, and following a conversation with US President Obama. Vanessa Mock reports from Brussels on the view from Europe on the leaked details of the speech which warned of Britain "drifting away" from Europe.

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Armstrong confession

The managing director of the Austrian anti-doping organisation gives his response to Lance Armstrong's doping confession.

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Greek former finance minister faces tax proble

Ex Finance Minister, George Papaconstantinou, is accused of tampering with a list of suspected tax evaders.

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Military service referendum

A look at opinions ahead of Sunday's referendum on Austria's military and national service.

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