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17. 1. 2013 - 18:00

FM4 Universal: The Space Zeppelin

Beatbox planets, software updates, futuristic spaghetti-western gunfights set in space, and the reunion of old enemies - that was this week's FM4 Universal "Space Zeppelin" special.

Right now, in a parallel universe...

Tune in to FM4 Homebase this Monday, January 21st, to hear an entire hour-long episode of Johnny Bliss & The Space Zeppelin.

In a star system known as Austra Centauri, a star alliance known as Federation Vier (FD4) is preparing to host their millennial Fest on the Moonarena. They have sent their top Admiral, Dark Starmann, out into the deepest space, many warp-leaps and quantum-jumps away, to find and bring on-board the top musical visionaries that exist in the Universe.

These include the legendary breath warriors, Bauchklang, who live on the beatbox planet Acapellanus. These include the band Gin Ga, who may have encountered some trouble with intergalactic space pirates. These even include the crew of the Space Zeppelin, who are extremely low on fuel, and hiding from the Empire behind a distant moon.

Oh yes, the Empire. They may just have a serious bone to pick with the crew of the Space Zeppelin, and by proxy, with FD4 as well.

Christoph Sepin, 2012

Episode 6.1

FM4 Universal "Space Zeppelin" special. Starring: Bauchklang, Dirk Stermann, Martin Blumenau, Robert Zikmund, Gin Ga, Hannes Duscher, Dave Dempsey, Hal Rock, and more.

The story began on Monday this week, with the band Gin Ga. They were on their way to the Austra Centauri star system, where they're due to perform at the millennial Federation Vier (FD4) Fest.

Unfortunately, en route they were intercepted by a pirate ship under the command of a man known only as Johnny Jackal der Blonde, who also just happens to be "the most dangerous space pirate this side of Klingon". What ensued was a darkly humorous and incredibly tense confrontation, paying tribute both to the old-school spaghetti western and the classic sci-fi genre. Starring: Alex&Matthias (Gin Ga), Hannes Duscher (FM4), Paul Schiff (The Geezers/The Curbs), Stefan Elsbacher (FM4).

Episode 6.2

In response to a distress signal, Admiral Dark Starmann entered into a luminous but cloudy nebula. As it turned out, however, the distress signal was merely a trap set by his old enemy, Kanzler Blutenau of the Empire, who greeted them with a fleet of armed warships. But what did they want from the Admiral? There's only one way to find out. Starring: Dirk Stermann, Martin Blumenau, Susi Ondrusova, Robot Zikmund.

Episode 6.3

The Space Zeppelin is stranded, and running out of fuel, in a remote solar system. On top of that, Captain Johnny Bliss cannot get over the fact that the ship's computer program, HAL, has been replaced in a recent software update by a new program named DAVE. This episode depicts Captain Bliss struggling internally with the loss of his favourite artificial intelligence, and what happens when well-meant software updates go wrong. Starring: Johnny Bliss, Hal Rock, Dave Dempsey, Roland Gratzer.

Episode 6.4

Admiral Dark Starmann of Federation Vier has taken a small team to the Beatbox planet of Acapellanus, in the hopes of recruiting the legendary breath warriors Bauchklang to perform at the upcoming Federation Vier Fest. But will they accept the offer? Or will Admiral Starmann and his friends get eaten by the notorious breath-lizard, the Bauchrog? There's only one way to find out. Starring: Robert Zikmund, Trishes, Bauchklang, Dirk Stermann, Susi Ondrusova, Bilguun "Billyshes" Enkhtur.

Christoph Sepin, 2012