Standort: / Meldung: "Tribal Nations go head to head with Obama"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

5. 12. 2012 - 14:27

Tribal Nations go head to head with Obama

Reality Check: Tribal Nations Conference, Austria's declining corruption reputation, NPD ban, Mr Euro - who will take over from Juncker? PROSA

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President Obama brings together leaders from over 560 Native American tribes at their annual meeting to discuss their problems and issues.

There are over 6 million ethnic Native Americans in the United States, and nearly a quarter of them live a tribal lifestyle on reservations or trust lands. The rest mostly live in urban communities, where they often set up successful businesses. However, many Native Americans face more poverty related social and economic problems than their caucasian or hispanic compatriots, including domestic violence and alcoholism. There are also difficult issues of the rights to the lands on which they live, and where the economic interests of the Native American people come into conflict with protection of the environment.

Simon Marks explains the topics likely to be coming under discussion, and the ways President Obama may try to tackle them.

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Austria's Corruption Perception Index

Austria has fallen dramatically in this years Transparency International Corruption Perception Index. Eva Geiblinger of TI discusses the results with Joanna Bostock.

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Germany to vote on banning NPD

Regional authorities are considering a ban on the NPD after a report found it "anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic position" and being "related" to National Socialism.

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The new Euro group leader

Jean-Claude Juncker is to step down as head of the Eurogroup at the end of the month - but who will succeed him in this unenviable job?

Werner Faymann is being tipped as a favourite, along with the French finance minister, Moscovici.

What does the job involve, and what qualities does the new chief need?

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PROSA, or Projekt Schule für Alle, is an initiative set up by a group of young Austrians to provide education for under-age refugees, who would otherwise not have access to schooling.

Projekt Schule für Alle has organized a series of concerts, clubbings, and exhibitions across Vienna called Die Langen Nächte der Menschenrechte.

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