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Dave Dempsey

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19. 11. 2012 - 11:09

Today's Webtip: Glued

An ill-fated video game intervention.

I'm a gamer dad. I have gamer kids. We tend to game together. We also have to work together to make sure glowing screens don't take center stage in this play we call life.

I'm pretty lucky in that area. My kids are budding young artists and musicians, we share interests that can get us away from the screen and baking is and will most likely remain analog. But it can still be tough.

Those days after a new release can get, well, intense. And I am sure that the idea of taking a very real hammer to computing devices has been something that has crossed a few minds around these parts.

And that brings us to Glued. A hammertastic visit to the extremes of frustration parenting.

GLUED from GLUED on Vimeo.

For a few added chuckles, imagine the creation process for this short. Now compare that to the process of making a live action film. I think someone might have needed to get out a bit more...