Standort: / Meldung: "Spain is not "another Greece"!"

Kate Farmer

Cutting to the chase

5. 6. 2012 - 15:07

Spain is not "another Greece"!

Reality Check: Spain's banking problems, fossil fuels and world security, Turkey's proposed abortion ban, church abuse, Venus transit.

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While Greece has been grabbing the headlines recently, Spain is now comg to the fore once again. Following the banking crisis last week, finance chiefs from the G7 countries are holding a teleconference today to discuss the problem. Guy Hedgecoe reports from Madrid on the deepening financial problems in Spain, and why Spaniards are determined it should not be considered to be "another Greece".

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Fossil fuels and world conflicts

Energy is top of the agenda in Beijing, where Russian President Putin is meeting Chinese leaders today. Russia's huge oil and gas resources are of particular interest to China, which faces escalating energy needs as its economy expands.

Five College Professor of Peace and World Security Studies, Michael Klare, is also the author of "Resource Wars" and "Blood and Oil". He tells Chris Cummins why dwindling fossil fuel reserves represent a security threat that could engulf the world.

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Abortion ban in Turkey

Turkey's Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdogan, is proposing a bill that would make abortion after 4 weeks illegal. The idea has brought thousands of protesters out onto the streets. Jonathan Head explains the politics going on behind the proposals.

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Church abuse in Austria

The Platform for Victims of Church Abuse has released a report saying it has given the Catholic church in Austria a list of 40 members of the Austrian clergy who they suspect are perpetrators of abuse. Phillip Schwärzler of the Platform discusses the report with Riem Higazi.

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Venus transit

Astronomer, Peter Bond, explains the significance of the once a century transit of Venus, which will be visible in Austria early tomorrow morning.

Don't forget that to look at it directly you must wear proper filters. To look at the sun without protection can cause blindness.

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