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27. 2. 2012 - 12:22

Today's Webtip: Breaking Out and Breaking In

A distributed film festival of prison breaks and bank heists.

I love film festivals. Well, I used to love film festivals. I have to admit, there aren't all that many that make it to Cow Town, so any I might like to visit involve a certain amount of logistics that tend to be beyond what I am willing to invest.

In other words, I am a lazy cheapskate.

So the idea of a distributed film festival was bound to catch my fancy. No waiting in line for tickets, or popcorn, or much of anything actually. The only real work involved is trying to track down the films on the list. And finding some others to wander out to Cow Town.

The rest is all online. Except for the public discussion that will be taking place in NYC. But maybe someone can convince the curators to stream that. It seems silly to ruin an otherwise perfect project...

You can find the list, dates and links to discussions at Today the Truman Show is on the list.

Now if they would just get the discussion up to date, it might actually be fun.