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24. 11. 2011 - 11:45

Today's Webtip: Hope

Shepard Fairey modded his iconic hope poster for OWS. Twice.

This is the original poster for a poster supporting the OWS movement. It's not a piece of fan work, it is the original design done by Shepard Fairey himself.


Shepard Fairey

Needless to say, it didn't go down too well with some of the occupiers.

It's been pretty well documented that the Democratic party would like to be able to coopt the OWS energy to get their own people in office. It's been equally well documented that many percieve the support of a president who has received so much cash from Wall Street might be a bit, well, problematic.

And others just think the Dems are as much of the problem as the Republicans.

These issues were brought up by an OWS organizer in a mail to Mr. Fairey. The letter goes on to ask him to consider changing the design.

The mail exchange has been posted on the Occupy Wall Street News, and it's an interesting look into the thought processes and issues being faced by the movement and people who want to support it. The comments section is also pretty interesting, especially the letter from a 70 year old Scottish Ron Paul supporter.