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27. 10. 2010 - 13:15

Today's Webtip: GTimereport

Punching Google to punch the clock.

Once upon a time I actually had a job with a time card. Not just an electronic stamp, but one of those mechanical devices that went "kerchunk". We also watched "Alf" in the break-room.

Good times. Glad they're gone.

Now I don't have a clock to punch. But, like so many of Austria's "Neue Selbständige" I need to keep track of my time. There have been more than a few projects I was involved in that generated hours of meeting time, days of development, and weeks of busy hours. Blocks of time that I had already organized in my Google Calendar account.

While looking for a quick and easy solution to summarize these blocks of time, I ran across something which saved me a couple of hours of work.

Gtimereport lets you connect to your calendar account and choose which label and what timeframe you want a report on, and will spit out a variety of formats with the click of a button.

The excel format it uses is a bit of a nuisance for anyone who doesn't use MS solutions, but the authorisation and calendar selection is much easier than the only other real competitor I have found, Gcal2Excel.

Which is a bit of a shame, because gcal2excel offers a gcal widget that would be awesome. If I could get it to work. And if it didn't generate a document that sat on syamantics servers if it did work.


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