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23. 3. 2009 - 11:01

Today's webtip:

another way of looking at music.

While watching the media behemoths lumber about searching for a solution to the death of their ancient business models can be mildly amusing, I have to admit that I prefer to look at the way things could have been. Why sit around talking about what the future of any media might look like in 5 years when the present has already passed you up and the recent past is still your far flung future?

And what might that recent past look like? It's a tidy little mashup of some publicly available information that let's you get a slightly different look at the radio stations you might happen to enjoy. It provides an easy interface to the listener charts of stations across the planet as generated by That means you can get a taste of what the audience is actually enjoying, and then mix and mash that information based on artist or time period and then see what it looks like as an actual top 10 list.

That means charts that are mostly free of any of the influences that usually go into the creation of those popular marketing devices. Nifty!

And then there is the video. You can click on the handy video viewer to get a glimpse of the video for the song that is currently being played on your station, as long as YouTube has it that is. That might be changing in the near future as they are currently looking into searching other video sources as well.

Now if we could just combine this with the user page and concert calendar of, and connect it with our user accounts for various other music and radio accounts we could actually start to build up a pretty fun little toy for discovering new music and increasing that sense of community that makes consuming music such a special thing.

Or maybe not...


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