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1. 1. 2009 - 20:51

FM4 Sunny Side Up

Musik zum Aufstehen und Liegenbleiben.

Musik zum Aufstehen und Liegenbleiben

Sonntag 10-13

mit John Megill


There's a very special feeling in the air in Austria on sundays and holidays. People here are generally hard-working and as such they enjoy their days off. A lot. You'll find people have a tremendous respect for what is called 'Ruhe' on Sundays and holidays. 'Ruhe' is a German word that simply cannot be adequately translated.

Basically it means peace and quiet, but it's much more than that. It's that special feeling in the air when the majority are taking a break and it is also what the neighbours will yell from their windows at you if you're making too much noise in the middle of the night. 'Ruhe' also for some reason seems to include a lot of church bells.

John Megill

Ingo Pertramer

John Megill

Anyway if it makes any sense, 'ruhe' is what we try put on the air in Sunny Side Up every Sunday and holiday from ten a.m. to one p.m. "We" is: John Megill and the FM4 Musikredaktion feat. Special Guest Wolfgang Bachschwöll + that member of the FM4 News Team who got the Sunday or holiday shift + the production geniuses who make the awesome jingles.

We've all come together to put together a three hour music show that includes hourly news bulletins, A Little Soul, a little sunshine, a little rain, sometimes some sad stories, sometimes some terrible jokes, sometimes just music and, as i said, awesome jingles.

Sundays and holidays are always Sunny Side Up on FM4 which means it doesn't matter if the toast falls off the table and lands butter side down; it doesn't matter if you've got your t-shirt on inside out or your hat on upside down; and we won't be upset if you actually prefer your eggs once over easy and like jogging. We do want you to tune in though because, as the man said, it will make you feel good...