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Freitag, 21. 10. 2016

Elevate Festival | Viennale | Schulreform | Chaos Computer Club | FM4 In Serie: The Young Pope | Jagwar Ma | TOP FM4 | La Boum de Luxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Conny Lee

Stuart Freeman and Conny Lee will get you out of bed and help you start your day, together with the Kings of Leon, Megaloh, Viech, the FM4 Ombudsmann and – live in our studio – the Crispies! Together they’ll get your teeth brushed, your face washed and your hair combed. There will be free tickets, funny stories and music to put a smile on your face!

Update (10-12)

with Julie McCarthy

Termine | Webtip | Movie Update: Viennale-Tipps | Artist of the Week: Jagwar Ma

Reality Check (12-14)

with Hal Rock

  • South Africa to leave ICC

South Africa has announced its intention to withdraw from the International Criminal Court. Karen Allen reports from Johannesburg.

  • Could Wallonia scupper CETA?

The EU could agree on the trade deal with Canada, CETA, but only if objections from Belgium's Wallonia region can be overcome.

  • Controlling the extremes

Julia Ebner of the Quilliam anti-terrorism think tank, discusses the importance of combating extremism of all types in countering terrorism.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Connected (15-19)

mit Esther Csapo

Elevate Festival, Tag 2. Nach einer fulminanten Eröffnung im Dom im Berg featuring einer spannenden Video-Schaltung zu der Wikileaks-Aktivistin Sarah Harisson und einem Moshpit rund um den mitten im Publikum rappenden Conscious-Poetry-Superstar Saul Williams geht heute im Forum Stadtpark das Diskursprogramm los. Maria Motter hat den serbischen Philosophen
Srećko Horvat zum Interview getroffen und Katharina Seidler spricht mit Mount Kimbie, dem Headliner der heutigen FM4 Stage im Dom im Berg.

Artist of the Week: Jagwar Ma
Was macht man als Band, wenn man eines der vielgepriesensten Alben 2013 veröffentlicht hat und Noel Gallagher, The xx und Foals zu seinen Fans zählt? Im Fall von Jagwar Ma wird nicht einfach nur versucht, an den Erfolg der Debütplatte „Howlin‘“ anzuschließen, sondern viel tiefer in die musikalischen Referenzen und Experimentierfreudigkeit abgetaucht. „Every Now and Then“ ist eine Platte der unendlichen Einflüsse, die von klassischer Psychedelic zu trancigen Dancesounds reichen. Nichts anderes erwartet man sich von einer Gruppe, die sowohl Nirvana als auch Aphex Twin zu den musikalischen Vorbildern zählt.

Schulreform – was meinen die SchülerInnenvertretungen dazu?

FM4 In Serie: The Young Pope | Interview: Chaos Computer Club

TOP FM4 (19-21)

mit Hannes Duscher & Roli Gratzer

Der Freitagabend auf FM4 mit Hannes Duscher und Roli Gratzer, viel frischer Musik, Live-Lebensberatung am Telefon, Gästen, sowie besseren und schlechteren Witzen.

Zu Gast ist die Allergologin und Wissenschaftlerin des Jahres Ferrera.

La Boum de Luxe (21-06)

mit Sebastian Schlachter, Patrick Pulsinger und Erdem Tunakan

Erdem Tunakan in the mix

TZ1 TZ1 R&S Records
Equinox Pulsar Vortex Records
Christian Vogel Hearing Things Magnetic North
Shematic Tools Chunky Chugger Kugelbox records
Equniox Surveyor 3 Vortex Records
Sedvs Lust Bare Hands
Alpha Tracks Dark Petrol Morbid Records
Erdem Tunakan & Alpha Pure Pain Cheap Records
Maurizio Ploy White Label
The 7th Plain Dance Scene General Produktion
Sedvs All or any Bare Hands
Erdem Tunakan & Alpha Tracks Uran REKT Cheap Records
Alpha Tracks Sage Green Morbid Records
Elin Raw Grid Turian Records
Erdem Tunakan & Alpha Tracks Shelter Cheap Records


Erdem Tunakan’s Austrian Flavor

Mystic State (Demand Records, Authentic Music, Flexout Audio, Halogen Music, CX:Digital/UK) und Theya & Annita (CZ) kommen vor ihrem Gig bei Vollkontakt in der Fluc-Wanne bei uns vorbei.

Ken Hayakawa (Schönbrunner Perlen/VIE) stellt seine neue Compilation vor

Susie Star (Zürich) in the mix
Lena Leblhuber shares her time between zurich (ch) and linz (a). as sound researcher and vinyl passionate dj since 2002, she spins mostly modern electronic, house and old-school-techno. out of her engagement at the local recordstore in linz named music, in 2006 she founded the cultural association and since then has kept busy curating a broad range of events. she went on to study electroacoustic composition in zurich, leading to diverse musical production, being characterized by the fusion of delicate field-recordings and powerful beats, spiced with finely cut vocal samples, the result raising questions of the linearity of time in the unsuspecting listener`s mind. architectural spaces thusly get reinterpreted as raw musical material modulating musical time: space turns into an object of sound.

Herbert Remember Ken Accidental
Moodyman Meanwhile Back At Home Peacefrog
Noze Holding You Circus Company
DAF Der Räuber Und Der Prinz Virgin Records
Gina X No GDM (Red Axes Remix) Relish Recordings
Von Spar Dog Machine Output Records
Samim & Michal Angel Tuning Spork
The Genevan Heathen Love My Life feat. Amy Douglas (Soul Clap's Toned Like Loc Mix) Soul Clap Records
Ark Street House Ep Versatile
Kevin Saunderson The Sound (Power Remix) KMS
Steve Bug Loverboy Poker Flat Recordings
Fuckaponydelic Pee On You Ineedafreak
Britschmarlo Grow (Marek Hemmann Remix) Resopal Schallware

Kristof Grandits (Techno Am See/Kärnten) in the mix
During his 10 year DJ career Kristof Grandits developed a fancy club music mix style consisting of various facettes of smoothest house music combined with minimal and a electronic sound. His special DJ-Sets lead him to a successful booking history that consists of “Pratersauna“ one of Vienna’s most famous club and the annual viennese gender equality parade “Regenbogenparade“.

Tensnake Desire
Biceps Just
Mark Fanciulli The Tide (Joris Voorn Edit)
Andrea Giudice Face Inside Me (Sabb rmx)
Riva Starr Dippin’ Side (Joseph Capriati rmx)
New Folder One
Tiger Tooth Shadow Art (DJ Edit)
Dirty Doering Cape of good hope
Noir Bataille
Monika Kruse & Voodooamt Luvsucka (Oliver Huntemann rmx)
Victor Ruiz & D-Nox Arise

Konski (Innsbruck) in the mix

The project “Konski” was founded back in 2014 in Munich as Project for straight (partly analogue) Techno productions as well as Deejay-Project. The naming arose from founders fascination concerning former actor Klaus Kinski. Meanwhile founder Björn Böttner is located in Innsbruck since August and focusses on becoming more known in Austria. Currently he´s looking for Deejay-gigs within Tyrol region and Austria in general. Also Konski didn´t sign for a label yet.
His initial inspiration Konski got from various visits at Techno Club “Tresor” in Berlin, end of the 90’s, while following acts like Christian Vogel, Holy Ghost, Joey Beltram etc.

Karlheinz Stockhausen Lecture on 4 criterias of electronic music (Oxford-1972) -
Pan Pot Confronted Mobilee Records
Gorge Tayo 8 bit
Bleak Noon shape Deeply Rooted House
Marcel Dettmann Translation One Ostgut Ton
Truncate Another one Truncate
Monoloc Mogue Smallroom music
DVS1 Black Russian Klockworks
Konski Circle unreleased
Roberto Rings of Smoke (Mike Dehnert Rmx) Fachwerk
James Ruskin The future that was Blueprint
Gary Beck The Crash Soma Records
Format B Busted FMK
Konski Deep Look unreleased
Roman Lindau Simplicity Fachwerk
Psyk Lockdown White Lable
Truncate Mira Mar Truncate
Markus Suckut Turn On Mosaic
Andre Krohnert Roll the dice (Juan Sanchez Rmx) Stockholm Ltd
Tim Xavier Speeding around the universe (Dustin Zahn Main floor remix) LTD 400
Tom Demac Axel Foley Cocoon Rec.
Lucy Beautiful people Mote Evolver
Shackleton Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix) Skull Disco
Konski Sound of water unreleased
Psyk Distane Mote Evolver
Mike Dehnert Detroit switch back to city Fachwerk
I:cube Transpiration Versatile Records
Lucy, Xhin LX2 CLR
Ben Klock Before one Ostgut Ton
Andrea Beluzzi B1 Limited G.

Andrew Weatherall - Masterpieces - Twelve o'clock Drop (Continuous DJ Mix/2012)

Ovatow (Frustrated Funk (Rotterndam) - Tidal Wave Mix (2011)


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