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Samstag, 19. 3. 2016

Flimmern | Reality Check Special: Pope Francis | FM4 in Serie: Hap and Leonard | Patti Smith | Nextcomic Festival | Demo: Flüchtlinge Willkommen | FM4 Draußen Update | FM4 Charts | FM4 Davidecks | Solid Steel Radio Show |

Morning Show (06-10)

with John Megill and Alexandra Augustin

Come and have breakfast with us on this Monday morning. Maybe some avocado? It is the egg for vegans, so you might find it at the Vegan Eastermarket which is taking place in Vienna this weekend. We’ll also tell you more about the big Avocado Conspiracy. Apart from that we tell you about Videogames for your phone and games for the future. We’ll be hearing from the SXSW Festival in Austin and about Patti Smith’s new book.

Update (10-12)

with Julie McCarthy

Termine | Webtip

Reality Check (12-13)

with Steve Crilley

Pope Francis: Work Done & Work Still To Do
Jorge Mario Bergoglio began his papacy in March 2013 and from the outset there was a lot of hope for the future direction of the Catholic Church because of his relatively humble background in Argentina and his commitment to social justice. On this week's Saturday Reality Check, ahead of Holy Week, we consider the last three years of Pope Francis. As the leader of around 1.2 billion Roman Catholics, we look at his successes in promoting dialogue between the governments of Cuba & the United States. We also consider ongoing controversies including the church’s attitude to LGBT communities and ghosts of the Vatican’s colonial past that continue to haunt the Holy See.

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Connected (13-17)

mit Conny Lee

Flimmern: Der assoziative FM4 Wochenrückblick von Natalie Brunner

FM4 in Serie Hap and Leonard (Philipp L'heritier)

FM4 Draußen Update (Daniel Grabner) | Buch: Patti Smith (Eva Umbauer) | Nextcomic Festival | Demo: Flüchtlinge Willkommen |

FM4 Charts (17-19)

mit Claudia Czesch

Die Top 25 von FM4 - online immer nach der Sendung unter

FM4 Davidecks (19-21)

mit Kristian Davidek

Music with Attitude. Schnittstelle von Populär- und Clubkultur. Kristian hat eine Poppin' & Lockin' Musikerziehung und spielt seine Top 3 Breakdance/Electric Boogie Tracks.

jim james state of the art
dorian concept draft culture
janefondas learn to love
ogris debris lazer gun
mk & becky piece of me
munk la musica
sampe the great blue boxx
roots manuva witness
jurassic 5 in the house
tourist to have you back
bearcubs & motsa london drizzle
icarus home featuring aurora
jose laralde quimey neuquen
the black keys gold on the ceiling
apres prophet
saint etienne only love can break your heart (masters at work remix)
beastie boys looking down the barrel of a gun (#rpwr treatment)
alex metric always there
rüfüs say a prayer (alex metric remix)
sly one afterparty
dj buzz & preddy breakdance skit
rock steady crew uprock
e da boss go left
herbie hancock rockit
by design get into this groove

Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)

Coldcut in the mix

Die Solid Steel Radio Show ist eine Tour de Force von Hip Hop zu Lounge-Jazz, von Big Beat zu Elektronikexperimenten - garniert ist das ganze im unverwechselbaren Coldcut-Stil mit jeder Menge Sprachfutzel aus Film und Fernsehen.

Glass Domain Interlock Pornophonic Sound Disc
Legowelt Macho Gym Not On Label
DMX Krew Spiritual Encounter Hypercolour
Nightwave Moog Indigo The Umbrella
DJ Deeon Hypnosis Dance Mania
Novamen Bubblegum Murder Capital
Tyree Dat Butt Underground
Mistareez Curb Queen (Bleaker Remix) Super Kitchen
Joey Beltram Fuzz X-Sight Records
Kelela Rewind (Air Max 97 Mix) Warp
T_A_M Watty (Tarquin Remix) Coyote
Inkke Alien Workshop unknown
Nightwave Snake97 unknown
DJ Khalab Bognya (Clap Clap Remix) Wonderwheel
Star Eyes Light Saber Moving Shadow
Javascript Body Armour Knight​Werk
DJ Nehpets La La La unknown
Surgeon La Real (Blastto Edit) unknown
DJ Funk Perk A Late This Dance Mania
Nightwave Kiss Kat ft Ashnikko Heka Trax
Technician Late Night Hype Databass Records
UR I am UR Underground Resistance
DJ Rashad Deep Inside Beat Records
DJ Taye ft DJ Earl XTC Hyperdub
Nightwave Birdland Heka Trax

Swound Sound System (22-00)

Mit Makossa und Sugar B.

Gepflegte Tanzmusik mit Stil und Humor wollten sie der Welt schenken, die Atmosphäre einer rauchgeschwängerten Clubnacht über den Äther bringen, sich Gäste aus aller Welt einladen und überhaupt eine Menge Spaß haben. Seit dem Jahr 1992 bringt das Swound Sound System (vormals: Silly Solid Swound Sound System) mit DJ Makossa & Sugar B jeden Samstag die Party zu euch nach Hause.

998. Swound Sound:
Makossa & Sugar B @ Celeste + guestmix by DeziBell

Artist Titel Label
Oliver Huntemann Kiez Hafendisko
Recondite Phalanx Hotflush
Dj Tennis Divisions (Roman Flügel rx) Life and Death
Ed Davenport Silver Walks Maeve
German Brigante We Got It with Freakme & Synesthyzer Get Physical
Kotelett & Zadak Slave Dave Exploited Ghetto
Human Machine 146 Connaisseur
Frank Wiedemann Kleiner Vogel Innervisions
Andy Bros Vino & Fagottini Diynamic
James Sison Napier Lake (Speaking Minds rx) Bade
Luigi Gori & Anis Hachemi My Dream Definitive
Olivier Giacomotto Gail In the O (Grand Cru 2015) Definitive
Pete Oak Tranquila (Aaryon & David Granha rx| Steyoyoke Black
Several Definitions We Got Space Underground Audio
Bongbeck Mothman (Niels Poensgen rx) Keller
DeziBell Dychtau Ballroom
Stereo MC´s ft. Terranova Deeper Connected Frontline
Fetisch, &ME Useless Man International DeeJay Gigolo
DeziBell Ashlemah Bosphorus Underground
Anna Odd Concept Diynamic

Digital Konfusion (00-03)

with Joe Joe Bailey

DKM - Three letters, usually three hours, usually three DJs per show. But not with clock change. Countless good times.

ahmet macnun laud noise
john rise jumping (drastic duo remix)
harvy valencia oh my god
dj lion welling drag (original mix)
le mousike perri (original mix)
wade breakers (original mix)
cari lekebusch toad (original mix)
the reactivist wrong speech (original mix)
d-unity the gane
marco faraone climax (original mix)
lewis delay by my side (original mix)
Alex Dolby Patatrak
Sezer Uysal A Man's Story
Guy Mantzur, Roy Rosenfeld Epika
Gui Boratto 22
Ahmet Sendil El Baile ( El Mundo & Satori Remix)
Frits Wentink Mice
Fono Real Joy ( Chris Lake & Rrotik Remix)
Thodoris Triantafillou, CJ Jeff Verona ( Dario D'attis Dubstrip Mix)
Sharam, Honey Honey My Way
Heath Holme Turn It On ( Philipp Straub & Florian Kaltstrom Remix)
Ibitaly My Love ( Deep Vocal Mix)
Mat Coast, Guillaume Delarge Marimba ( Chus & Ceballos Balearic Mix)
Ellroy Rowdie
Stanny Franssen, Ortin Cam Grasland
Dj Joe-Joe, Roman Fliedl
Marvinello Michel Cleis
Alberto Ruiz V-12
Rise of the fallen Sable Sheep
Clan Nancey Rene Amesz
Konbawne Kyodai
Camilo Diaz Hot Sauce
Side 2 Side Lay Far
Get it right Catz´n Dogs
Nothing HNNY (Kyodai rmx)
Elabrina Clapton Fagion

Sleepless (03-06)

3.00-5.00: Swound WH von letzter Woche
997. Swound Sound:
Makossa & Sugar B @ Celeste + guestmix by Claudio Ricci

5.00-6.00:: Liquid Radio WH von letzter Woche
DJ Ferenc – Orbit Mix


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