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Close Up: Die Tribute von Panem - Mockingjay Teil 2 | FM4 Videopremiere: Ogris Debris | Neues aus der Netzkultur | Mit Akzent - Die unaussprechliche Welt von Todor Ovtcharov | FM4 In Serie: The Knick | FM4 Artist of the Week: Roots Manuva | House of Pain: Panta R&E

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Conny Lee

Have you heard of the Youth Word 2015 - Smombie? Well, as it turns out, no young person ever uses it. In other news we’re giving away tickets for Sophie Hunger and tell you about robots breaking one of Asimov’s three laws of robotics by hitting humans. Start into this Wednesday morning with Stuart Freeman, Conny Lee and the FM4 Morning Show.

Update (10-12)

with Chris Cummins

Close Up: Die Tribute von Panem - Mockingjay Teil 2
"Young Adult"-Literatur garantiert auch in der Kinoversion weltweiten Erfolg. Das beweisen nicht zuletzt die "Die Tribute von Panem", im Original "The Hunger Games", nach der Jugendbuchreihe von Suzanne Collins. Jetzt geht die Saga um die postapokalyptischen Brot- und Spiele-Welt ins Finale. Jennifer Lawrence kehrt in "Mockingjay Teil 2" als rebellische Katniss wieder, an ihrer Seite agieren Kaliber wie Julianne Moore, Donald Sutherland und der verstorbene Philip Seymour Hoffmann in einer seiner letzten Rollen. Christian Fuchs hat sich nach Panem begeben und berichtet über das Ende der Blockbuster-Saga.

FM4 Artist of the Week: Roots Manuva | Termine | Webtip | Tipp: Autumn Leaves Festival (Eva Umbauer)

Reality Check (12-14)

with Steve Crilley

France: St Denis police raid
French security forces were out in force this morning as the people of the town of St. Denis to the north of Paris woke up to find themselves under siege: Police were hunting people suspected of being involved in Friday’s Paris terror attacks. Our Paris correspondent Catherine Field brings us the latest

Anonymous vs. ISIS
The internet hacker group Anonymous has declared war on ISIS. They’ve announced that they will be focusing their efforts on taking down as many Jihadist websites and accounts as they possibly can. On this face of it this may seem to be welcome news but, as computer security expert Mikko Hypönnen told Reality Check, there is a down side.

Syria: The military Options
The terror attacks in Paris have created an unusual alliance: France and Russia are now to cooperate more closely on the military offensive against IS in Syria. Military analyst Paul Rogers gives us an update on the current situation.

Germany threat
The Germany vs. Holland football match had to be cancelled at the last minute last night due to what authorities called a viable threat. We speak to our Berlin Correspondent Kate Connolly to try to get a clearer picture.

Hungary's imprisoned refugees
What to do with the Syrian refugees? The UNHCR has concerns about the political reactions in Europe and there are also worries that things will only get worse for refuges in the wake of the Paris attacks. But even before the events of last weekend, Hungary was already treating refugees with a very firm hand. Balkans correspondent Nick Thorpe has that disturbing story.

With correspondents and contacts around the world, FM4's midday news magazine investigates the stories behind the headlines to put you at the axis of what's happening, as it happens.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

King Cannibal So... Embrace The Minimum (Radio Edit)
DIGID feat JUNIOR DREAD Guide Us Through The Storm (Alpha Steppa remix)
ALMAMEGRETTA feat HORACE ANDY Just Say Who (Lapo, Ago (Numa Crew) remix)
GARDNA feat TIFFANI JUNO See The Vibe (Leo Samson dub)
CONGO NATTY Dub Souljah (Dubkasm Dragon Slayer mix)
Confused House Concrete (dub)
Goofy Man Victory Rock
Gilberto Gil Toda menina Bahiana (Tahira edit)
Gwen Mcrae Funky Sensation (MAW remix)
Featurecast-The Gaff Ain't Got Time (Vocal Mix)
Lone Drum Minnie
LL Cool J Loungin (Who do u luv)
KS FRENCH The Groove
Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge Another Thing

Connected (15-19)

mit Esther Csapo

FM4 Videopremiere: Ogris Debris

Neues aus der Netzkultur
PlayStation 4 als Kommunikationsmittel für Terroristen und Social Media Safety Check (Lukas Lottersberger)

Mit Akzent - Die unaussprechliche Welt von Todor Ovtcharov | FM4 In Serie: The Knick (Philipp L´heritier) | FM4 Artist of the Week: Roots Manuva | Tipp: Element of Crime am 21.11. in der Wörtherseehalle in Klagenfurt

Homebase (19-22)

mit Heinz Reich

Termine | FM4 Universal | FM4 Artist of the Week: Roots Manuva | Musik: Gazelle Twin (Katharina Seidler) | Tipp: Mirel Wagner (Eva Umbauer)

House of Pain (22-00)

mit Christian Fuchs und Dr. Nachtstrom

Im mittwöchigen Streifzug durch die Welt der schweren Riffs und grollenden Bässe, metallischen Sounds und düsteren Elektronik würdigen Christian Fuchs und Dr. Nachtstrom ausführlich ein österreichisches Indielabel. Panta R&E steht für Alternative, Progressive, Psychedelic und Stoner Rock und tolle dazugehörige Bands wie Lausch, Milk+, Mother's Cake, Palindrome, Parasol Caravan, She and the Junkies, Solar Blaze und White Miles. Die Labelbetreiber werden im Studio über ihre Visionen plaudern und auch etliche Hörproben mitnehmen. Ebenfalls auf dem Programm steht eine punkrockige Basement Show mit Alex Augustin und Rainer Springenschmid.

Interpret Title
Eagles of Death Metal Want you so Hard
White Miles Fake Smile
Lausch Ignition
White Miles Crazy Horse
Mothers Cake Gojira
Lausch Salvadors Pain
Parasol Caravan Black Monolith
Mothers Cake Ecstasy
Lausch Tortoise
Parasol Caravan Rising
She & The Junkies Foreigner
Warholes Queen of O
Die Nerven Dreck
Kelley Stoltz Are You My Love
Nots Insect Eyes
Muncie Girls Gone with the Wind
Kála Emil Sinclair
The Dictaphone Junkbots
Sheer Mag Whose side are you on
Lotus Fucker Inner Peace
Betepah Illusion of Freedom
Uncle Acid Waiting for Blood
Baguette Fuzelroller
Baguette Rhino
Sex Jams Hell Money
Videogram Dawn of the Apocalypse

Bonustrack (00-01)

mit Martin Blumenau

Talk-Radio in Reinkultur: keine Themen-Vorgabe, kein inhaltliches Screening - alles ist möglich.

Sleepless (01-06)

with Robin Lee

Less sleep, but a whole lot more of everything else.


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