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Samstag, 26. 9. 2015

Reality Check: Making Soapies in Kabul | Games: SOMA | Adam Thirwell | Disclosure | Reeperbahn Festival | Swound Sound | DaviDecks | FM4 Charts

Morning Show (06-10)

with Hal Rock and Erika Koriska

What do we have for you?! Festival passes for the Waves Vienna! Fixie Biker Addison Zawada live in the studio! And a guy whose main occupation is to make people compliments! Anything else? Yes! Great music and up-to-date information! If you don’t tune in it’s your own fault!

Today's mobile videogame, presented by Robert Glashüttner: "Agrav" by Georg "DJ Glow" Lauteren.

Update (10-12)

with Chris Cummins

Termine | Webtip | DVD Corner: DVD Corner "Avengers - Age of Ultron" (Pia Reiser)

Reality Check (12-13)

with Steve Crilley

Making Soapies in Kabul

Quit your job, go to Kabul and make TV soap operas! Trudi-Ann Tierney had been working in Australian TV and she was no stranger to getting TV drama projects off the ground. She travelled to Afghanistan and before too long immersed herself in the world of making Afghan television soap operas for local audiences. She became responsible for some of the country’s most popular drama serials. In a Reality Check special, she talks about this kind of work in a place like Afghanistan, where a high number of people are illiterate, therefore television becomes an important medium in reaching audiences with positive and aspirational messages. She wrote about her 3 ½ years here in a book entitled, Making Soapies in Kabul, Hot days, crazy nights and dangerous liaisons in a war zone.

FM4 bis 5 (13-17)

mit Claudia Unterweger

Games: SOMA
Das schwedische Indiegames-Entwicklerstudio Frictional hat 2010 mit dem Überraschungshit "Amnesia" für Aufsehen gesorgt. Das neue Werk der kreativen Köpfe aus Helsingborg ist ein Survival-Horror-Game, das wie eine Mischung aus den Blockbustern „Bioshock“ und „Dead Space“ wirkt. Wir berichten vom SciFi-Grauen unter Wasser inklusive genmanipulierten Roboterpflanzen.

Musik: Disclosure (Natalie Brunner)

Musik: Susi Ondrusova meldet sich vom Hamburger Reeperbahn Festival

Buch: Adam Thirwell

FM4 Charts (13-17)

mit Claudia Czesch

Die Top 25 von FM4 - online immer nach der Sendung unter

FM4 Davidecks (19-21)

mit Kristian Davidek

The intersection of pop- and clubculture. Music with Attitude. Saturday night fever.

Kristian hat die Weltpremiere der neuen AGES (ex A.G. TRIO) und einen My Definition Mix.

london grammar hey now tensnake remix
young franco don't you want me
mk bring me to life
auden hunger
ages chances featuring johannes eder abby lee tee remix
mieux fishing
masego music jazzy twerk
disclosure willing & able featuring kwabs
disclosure jaded
etherwood sunslight splinters
adam f circles phillip d kick footwork edit
texta imma so konstantin diggn remix
nick brewer talk to me featuring bibi bourelly
zhu & alunageorge automatic
kwabs walk nu:tone remix
netsky rio
brenk sinatra texas mud
brenk sinatra money to burn
eight one three walking
pete josef make it good
escort body talk
special request amnesia
amtrac hold on
dusky squeezer
format:b chunky
kda rumble in the jungle shadow child edit
gotsome x tazer if you wanna
schmieds puls this is now what i was looking for

Solid Steel Radio Show(21-22)

Coldcut in the mix

Die Solid Steel Radio Show ist eine Tour de Force von Hip Hop zu Lounge-Jazz, von Big Beat zu Elektronikexperimenten - garniert ist das ganze im unverwechselbaren Coldcut-Stil mit jeder Menge Sprachfutzel aus Film und Fernsehen.

Aax Donnell & Eric Malone Golden Cage
Cowboy Rhythmbox The Natives Are Having Us For Dinner
Dan Lissvik Airwalk
Jill Scott Gimme
Contact Big Fun
Yoko Ono Never Say Goodbye
T-Coy Regret
Bohannon Rock Your Body (extract)
FX MCHN Pieter De Vries
Clandestine ft. Ned Sublette Radio Rhythms (S-I-G-N-A-L S-MA-R-T
Bicep Just
Fatima Yamaha What’s A Girl To Do
Prince 1000 X’s & 0’s

Swound Sound System (22-00)

Mit Makossa und Sugar B.

Gepflegte Tanzmusik mit Stil und Humor wollten sie der Welt schenken, die Atmosphäre einer rauchgeschwängerten Clubnacht über den Äther bringen, sich Gäste aus aller Welt einladen und überhaupt eine Menge Spaß haben.

975. Swound Sound:
Makossa & Sugar B# 975 dj kofty @ queens club

The Disclosure Project Pow Wow
Sylvia Robinson Sweet Stuff
Bob James Storm King (Shorter Edit)
Eddie Harris It's All Right Now
Bohannon Save Their Souls (KS French Edit)
LTJ Happiness (Super Value Special Edit)
Latimore Let's Straighten It Out (Pontchartrain’s Hard Love Edit)
Bill Withers You Got The Stuff
People's Choice Do It Anyway You Wanna (Keep Schtum Re-Edit)
Bubba & T-Bone Bumpin For Love
Clemens Neufeld Discotica
Mezman Le Deepend
Tony Orlando Don't Let Go (Vhyce Edit)
Barry De Vorzon Theme from ''The Warriors'' (Chida's Edit)
Rose Royce First Serve (Dr Packer Edit)
William DeVaughn Be Thankful For What You've Got (Javier & Bassbreaker rx)
Aretha Franklin Chain Of Fools (Rocknrolla Soundsystem Edit)
Double Exposure Free Love (My Love Is Free - Chewy Rubs Edit)
The Doors Soul Kitchen (A Luv Shack Rework)
Herbie Hancock Ready Or Not (DJ Vas Rework)
Talking Heads I Zimbra (Ney Faustini Re-Edit)
Chic Le Freek (Copycat rx)
Les Loups Show U The Luv (Dizko Jam rx) (Curtis Mayfield)
Mascara If You Don't Want To Be In My Life (ADN Edit)
Carl Bean Born This Way (Pontchartrain's Pride Edit)
Kool & The Gang Open Sesame (Count Funkula Re-Edit)
Amanda Lear Queen Of Chinatown (Sterbinszky & Zola rx)
Norma Jean Wright Saturday (Pied Piper Uptown Regroove)

Digital Konfusion (00-03)

with Joe Joe Bailey

DKM - Three letters, usually three hours, usually three DJs per show. But not with clock change. Countless good times.

JORGE TAVAREZ 12:00-1:00
Gui Boratto Arquipelago
Sandarino Franky Acamar
Rutger The Method
Nick Curly Underground(Noir RMX)
Gorge Hidaya
Beckford, Bunrsky Your Love
Andrea Perini,K.A.M.A. Mr. Stinky
Luca Barbieri Drinking with Glade
Sasch BBc,Caspar Black Wave
Osunland Pride(Johnny D RMX)
FreakMe Going Insane
Alexis Raphael Sunrise
DINO DE MEES 1:00 -2:00
Mike Ravelli Vendor
Fabric Dayan Loza
Raffael Rizzi El Pito
Wahyt Noiz Router
C. Smith Milenium
Adam Bayer Time Fals
Maverickz Get Free
Cerillo Make you Shake
Maceo Plex Solar Detroied
JORGE TAVAREZ & DINO De Mees & Joe-Joe 2:00-3:00
Cari Gold Coyu Profunde Plesure
Justin Martin Adrian Function
Filter Type After Lafter
Ramon Tapia Module XOX
Kaiserdisco Forget about me Sante RMX
Claude van Stroke Barrump
Kaiser Souai Bolero Dubspeeka RMX
Harry Romero Anafogue
Prok&Fitsh One these Days
Miguel Bastida Moudness
Jay Lumen Our Freedom
Open Eye Signal Demodex

Sleepless (03-06)

Swound Sound Wiederholung von letzter Woche: 974. Swound Sound - Makossa & Sugar B @ safari lounge

Liquid Radio Wiederholung von letzter Woche: Ulrich Troyer - "Lessons from the Don Mixtape"


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