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27. 8. 2015 - 16:19

Freitag, 28. 8. 2015

Unter Palmen mit Roli und Hannes | Demo Menschsein in Österreich | Nordketten-Downhill-Rennen | Peter Hoeg - "Der Susan Effekt | Beach House | Homebase Parade mit Alexandra Augustin | La Boum de Luxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with John Megill and Nina Hochrainer

We are giving away a yearly subscription to the movie magazine Ray, if you proove you are a real film buff and can complete every famous film title we throw at you. Also, the Steaming Satellites are visiting us live in the studio and we, of all people, give you advice on how to age gracefully.

Update (10-12)

with Julie McCarthy

Movie Update mit Markus Keuschnigg | Termine | FM4 Webtip

Reality Check (12-13)

with Steve Crilley

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FM4 Unter Palmen (13-14)

mit Roli Gratzer und Hannes Duscher

Die liebgewonnene Sommertradition des mittäglichen Plauderns mit prominenten GastmoderatorInnen wird heuer wieder weitergeführt. FM4 Unter Palmen öffnet zwischen 13 und 14 Uhr seine Pforten. Diese Woche gehen Hannes und Roli ans Telefon!

Das Thema am Freitag: Wir sind nicht von einer diffusen Angstmacherei benommen - In meinem Ort sind Flüchtlinge willkommen!

  • Die Nummer ins Studio: 0800 226 996

FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Burundi Black Burundie Black
Count Bass D Junkies
Mo Kolours Street Life
John Wizards Lusaka Nights
213 Another Summer
Ptaki Jak Ptaki
Banda Westfalica El Toro (So Shifty Version)
Leisure Connection Jungle Connection
B.D.I. Pucci's ReRu
Todd Terje Preben Goes to Acapulco
Ta-ku Higher (Flume Remix)
Mieux VDB
George Kelly You Don't Stop (Original mix)
Groove Armada House 70
Yse Saint Laurent The Optimistic Voyeu

FM4 bis 7 (15-19)

mit Claudia Unterweger

Demo Menschsein in Österreich
In den letzten Tagen haben tausende Menschen auf facebook zugesagt, zur Demo "Menschsein in Österreich" zu gehen, die für die menschenwürdige Behandlung von Flüchtlingen eintritt. Die InitiatorInnen sind im FM4 Studio zu Gast.

FM4 Draußen: Nordketten-Downhill-Rennen
Nordketten-Downhill-Pro Viktoria Waldegger über das Training zum Downhill-Rennen. Dort treten Profis gegen Locals an - Könner vs Kenner ist das Motto.

Buch-Talk: Peter Hoeg - "Der Susan Effekt"
Conny Lee hat den neuen Peter Hoeg (Fräulein Smillas Gespür für Schnee) gelesen. Es geht wieder um Morde.

Listening-Session: Beach House
"Depression Cherry" heißt das neue Album von Beach House. Christian Lehner weiß, ob es gut ist.

Homebase Parade (19-21)

mit Alexandra Augustin

Die Sommer-Version der FM4 Homebase. Hier kann man sich Musik wünschen, die im Radio sonst selten läuft. Aber auch Wünsche für Mama, den Papa, den Freund, die Freundin, die Katze und den Kanarienvogel werden erfüllt. Und geplaudert wird auch! Sommererlebnisse, Urlaubslieben, sonderbare Reiseziele, Pläne für den Herbst und wie grillt man die beste Grillwurst. Rezepte? Her damit!

Die Nummer ins Studio: 0800 226 996

La Boum de Luxe (21-06)

mit Reich und Slack Hippy

Slack Hippy on the ones & twos for the first hour. August is not exactly the best month for new releases, considering the amount of festivals, sunshine and general party modus surrounding the summer months so Slack Hippy has been digging through his dusty crates to present to you, dear listeners, some tunes that haven't made it on to the show yet. Sit back, relax and let the music do the talking.

Jaga Jazzist Oban (Todd Terje Remix) Ninja Tunes
Hot Chip Huaracha Dub White Label
Romare Rainbows Ninja Tunes
unknown artist no title Wargames 122
Legowelt Never not Know U Technicolour
Entro Senestre The Screen Dekmantel
Radioactive Man 20000 Whats Wang trax
Akkord Gravure / Continuum (Regis remix) Houndstooth
Clue Kid feat Arorah Soul Vibe Soul Jazz

Wehbba (Sao Paulo/ Brazil)
Wehbba is an emblematic electronic music DJ/Producer from Brazil, having his name featured across the world on respected labels and party flyers. Djing tonight as part of a massive line-up in the Pratersauna for our La Boum De Luxe resident and all round great lady, Miss Joyce Muniz. Happy Birthday Joyce!

Audiojack Luna (David Mayer Remix) Gruuv
Yousef & Bontan Believe feat. The Angel (ANNA Remix) Circus Recordings
Danny Tenaglia Dibiza (Wehbba Remix) Stereo
Snilloc Elso 8bit
Wehbba Um Den Kern Systematic Recordings
Marc Marzenit Perron (Wehbba Remix) Tronic
Art Department Catch You By Surprise (Guy Gerber Remix) No. 19
Roger Martinez Leaving Wehbba_remix Chameleon Recordings
Nitam Retold Ostgut Ton
Kaiserdisco Jetstream (Christian Smith & Wehbba_Remix) RAW
Rob Hes Raised_by_Another Tronic
Editors Our Love (Solomun Remix) PIAS
Wehbba View Of Delft Systematic Recordings

Joyce Muniz (Vienna / Sao Paolu Brazil)
Resident DJ at La Boum De Luxe and Globe Trotting DJ
in her own right, with a very special mix on the show, celebrating her 21st Birthday ;) ... You can catch her, celebrate with her, dance with her and many others at the Pratersauna tonight.

Light Year Feeling This Way
Thorsten Hammer Braining
Bontan & Sonny Fodera Always You
Traffic Sign & Jake The Rapper Cookie Jar (Joyce Muniz Remix)
Dj Diass Red District ( Max Chapman Remix)
Igluu How you Make it
Outstrip These Days
Raul Garcia & Martin Zambrano feat. Yasser Fadoul The Annunaki (Beep Dee Remix)
Emmanuel Satie Private Show
Ben Gomori feat. JNR Williams Neuroplasticity (Tom Budden Remix)
David Pher Pushin
ICS Exposure
James Teej Inside (Simon Garcia Remix)

Moony Me (Vienna)
Eduardo A. Arreaza, aka Moony Me, is a German-Venezuelan producer and DJ based in Munich/Vienna. He started producing his own music in 2007 and had his first releases in 2010. In 2011 he had his first release on a prestigious record label, the Techno EP "Tu Sabes" on DJ Hell's International DeeJay Gigolo Records under his former alias Eduardo D'Alirio. Since then, he has released tracks and remixes under his new moniker „Moony Me“ for Uncanny Valley, These Days Records, Toy Tonics, Nordik Net Records and Apparel Music, that gave him more attention in the world of House Music. Collaborations and remixes have been contributed by/with established and upcoming artists such as Argy, Quell, Mr. Statik, Rhode & Brown, Woodcut, Nachtbraker and Sarp Yilmaz,just to name a few. In 2014 he released his Experimental Beats album „Journey Of A Sleepwalker“, an release that proved his versatile influences and which can't be pigeon-holed and his „Moony Edit Sessions“ project is also worth mentioning – A monthly series of free downloadable edits, started in 2012 and mostly based on 70s/80s Soul & Funk originals.

Moony Me Daydreamin' (Unreleased)
Sam Irl Free Two Grow
HNNY Caypio
Rondenion Endorphine
Harvey Sutherland New Paradise
Lone Basking
Franz Ganz Ascent To Transcendence
Mad Mike Heartbeat Of A Groove
Stellar Om Source Sudden
Denise Motto Jack The House
Moony Me Screwdriver (Unreleased)
Paperclip People The Climax (PCP Version)
Lucretio Core Talking
Gene Farris A Prelude To A Kiss

Monique Fessl (Graz, Austria)
Reduced Vocals, drifty Beats, quite melodic, with a breeze of aspiration. That´s a way to describe her music producing. Monique Fessl is working as a musician, djane and producer in the area of electronic music almost 20 years. Her conse-quent activities lead to european and international cooperations, releases and high rotation airplays on radio stations as well as live gigs in Asia and Europewide. After several long stays in Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover, Monique Fessl currently works from her homebase Graz in Austria.The latest production, a remix of the new single "The Violets" from the Austrian electronic musician "Favela Gold", was released at 2014. Currently Monique Fessl is working on a new album in cooperation with the Swiss artist Apoll (Tongut), which will be released in August 2015.

NINA KRAVIZ Best Friend (DVS1 Forever mix feat Naughty Wood)
AGONY FORCES End Of Times (Abdulla Rashim remix)
DANIEL BELL Phreak Yo Body
Radio Slave Don`t Stop No Sleep (Original Mix)
RADIO SLAVE Don`t Stop No Sleep (Nightmare Mix)
DARKO ESSER Clean_Slate_(DVS1_remix)
LAUX & DIEGO Chicken Understood (Truncate remix)
MAX COOPER Walls (Original Mix)
LEN FAKI Stripped (Original Mix)
Favela Gold The Violets (Monique Fessl Remix)

Mad Fländer (Burghausern Bayern, Dresden, Germany)
Dresden-based Mad Fländer has an intimate connection to classical music since his early childhood. His love for electronic music pressed on vinyl goes way back into a young age when he experienced the intense emotions music can mediate. He got his first experiences playing Techno- and Breakbeat music in 2003 when he was an up and coming DJ at “Triebwerk” Club in Dresden. This particular club was famous for giving young Talents the opportunity to produce and publish their own mixes. In Mad Flanders Sets you can clearly notice the immersive impressions he collected throughout his various stages inside the world of music. They include not only the styles of Techno or Breakbeat but also tough Drum´n´Bass entangled with smooth Future Garage-Sound.

Emperor & Mefjus Void Main Void (Outro - Intro)
DjRum What I was doing when I was doing what I was doing
Skeptical Imperial
Homemade Weapons Kintaro
EBK Strength
DLR Sence of Wanting
DLR 10 Steps
DLR Tugboat
DRS Emergency
Bredren & Displaced Paranormals Stop & Turn
Kasra, Enei & DRS Overthinking
Ed:it Shutter
S.P.Y. & Kasra Surface VIP
Spectrasoul Organiser (Foreign Concept Remix)
Subtension Break & Go
Kasra & Enei Inside the Box
Noisia & Spor Falling Through
Survival & Silent Witness Paddy
Quadrant, Kid Hops & Iris Microsleep
Safire & DLR Hurdles
DLR Novate
DLR Django
Survival & Silent Witness Trust no one
Calibre Start again VIP (ft Chimpo)
Break & DLR New Design
Traffic Structures
SpectraSoul Ben
Gerra & Stone Tenfold
Stealth Wrong un
Jubei Congo
Foreign Concept Tag Team (ft. T Man)
Jubei out of Sight (ft. Tyrone)
Klude Last Words

B.Ranks & Odd (Vienna)
Two bass aficionados from the well respected Klub Sir3ne crew deliver us at the Dogs Bollocks HQ a splendid , eclectic mix of all things UK & Bassline..

roska crawler
addison groove an we drop
goldffinch black pyramid
chubba diamonds
my nu leng elite
hostage warrior
nativ dizzy
kode9 uh
champion execution
breach & dark sky the click
corporal f & 1point5 totality

Clash & Chriss Kaoss (Vienna)
This set was apparently recorded at a mad Sunday studio afterhour session..they started and they just didn’t stop
Clash & Chriss are both known for their love of Dub,Basslines and Breaks. Live jamming sessions are the name of their game.. This mix is very dark & breakbeat driven yet unfortunately, caught up as they were, in the sounds of the unendless universe there is no tracklist. Our apologies