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16. 7. 2015 - 17:11

Freitag, 17. 7. 2015

Tickets fürs Ottensheim Open Air und das Poolbar Festival | Artist of the week: Tame Impala | Unter Palmen: Balkonparty, Nachtschwimmen oder abshaken im Club, wie toll - Hannes und Roli, sagt mir, was ich heute Abend anziehen soll | Hip Hop Open | Homebase Parade | La Boum Deluxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Barbara Köppel

We give away tickets for two neat festivals in Austria: the Ottensheim Open Air and the Poolbar Festival!
And we tell you about the latest musical discoveries on the lineup of the Popfest!
Besides that Johanna will talk about what she dislikes and we will hunt down some summer headlines!
Wake up with Barbara Köppel and Stuart Freeman!

Update (10-12)

with Hal Rock

Termine | Webtip | Artist Of The Week: Tame Impala (Philipp L´heritier) | Close Up | Hip Hop Open

Reality Check (12-13)

with Steve Crilley

MH17 one year on
Ceremonies have been held to mark the first anniversary of the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner over Ukraine. Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine have asked the U.N. Security Council to establish an international criminal tribunal to prosecute those responsible for shooting down the plane.

This time last year, our reporter Tony Cheng, travelled to the crash site. On today's programme, he shares his recollections and told us what he found when he reached the area.

Hungary and the Serbian border fence
Hungary has unveiled the first section of a border fence which is being erected to stem the flow of migrants and refugees into the country. 900 soldiers are building the fence using materials prepared by inmates in Hungarian prisons. We sit down with Anna Magyar of the ruling Fidesz Party to find out why these measures are being taken now.

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FM4 Unter Palmen (13-14)

mit Hannes Duscher und Roli Gratzer

Die liebgewonnene Sommertradition des mittäglichen Plauderns mit prominenten GastmoderatorInnen wird heuer wieder weitergeführt. FM4 Unter Palmen öffnet zwischen 13.00 und 14.00 die Telefonleitungen, um mit den FM4-HörerInnen über saisonale Topthemen zu plauschen. Diese Woche gehen die Top-FM4-Humoristen Hannes und Roli ans Telefon!

Das Thema am Freitag: Balkonparty, Nachtschwimmen oder abshaken im Club, wie toll - Hannes und Roli, sagt mir, was ich heute Abend anziehen soll

  • Die Nummer ins Studio: 0800 226 996

FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Soichi Terada Saturday Sunday love
40 Thieves Theme from Nutrider
San Proper Caught on You
Ray Mang Look into my eyes
Phil Weeks By my side
Brennan Green Little Ease
Land of Light Isle of Tears (Tiago remix)
Willie Colon Inferno dub
CK Mann Asafo Beesuon (Daniel Haaksman edit)
Legowelt Anaconda Flow
Valentina Wolves (Roman Flügel remix)
The Black Madonna We still believe
Actress Always Human

FM4 bis 7 (15-19)

mit Claudia Unterweger

Hip Hop Open | Kompakt: Wien Wahlberechtigung: 25% der Bevölkerung dürfen nicht wählen | Elektro Guzzi spielen in der Poolbar

Artist Of The Week: Tame Impala (Philipp L´heritier)

Festivalradio | Musik | Film

Homebase Parade (19-21)

mit Alexandra Augustin

Die Sommer-Version der FM4 Homebase. Hier kann man sich Musik wünschen, die im Radio sonst selten läuft. Aber auch Wünsche für Mama, den Papa, den Freund, die Freundin, die Katze und den Kanarienvogel werden erfüllt. Und geplaudert wird auch! Sommererlebnisse, Urlaubslieben, sonderbare Reiseziele, Pläne für den Herbst und wie grillt man die beste Grillwurst. Rezepte? Her damit! Die Nummer ins Studio: 0800 226 996

La Boum de Luxe (21-06)

Mit Natalie Brunner, Sebastian Schlachter und DJ Slack Hippy

Slack Hippy in the mix

Icicle Breathing Again Shogun Audio
digital mystkz walkin with ya soul jazz
Von D ft. Foreign Beggers & Spyda Maximum Boost Boka
Sarantis ft Warrior Queen More Than Money Senseless
Stay Fresh ft. Daddy Freddy War Cryptic
?? ?? Ruffcut 001#
Mala Curfew
Kryptic Minds The things they Left Behind Black Box
Gestalt Dub Screaming Butterfly ( Goth Trad remix ) Publuc Riddim
Mala EYEZ VIP White Label
Kode 9 Magnetic City Soul Jazz
Von D & Riskotheque Like a Bird Distorted Dubs
Tricky Council Estate ( South Rakkas Crew Remix ) ?
Ruckspin & Quantum Soul Atomise ranking records 005
Calibre Stolen Shadow Deep Medi Music
Groove in Motion Rollerover Boom
Martin Buttrich well done ( headhunterz remix ) Hench

Globalize Yourself Stereo (Cape Town)
Interview und in the mix

Lascio Dancehall Gave Up
Patrick Chardonnet, Afrilounge (Feat Phetote the poet) (Original Morning Poem
Coyu Just Nin (Andre Lodemann remix)
Xee & Codekid Twilights
Green Velvet & Carl Craig Murder of the innocent
Terranova Tell Me Why w/Stereo MC´s
Rampa Ay
Nebraska Bar Story
Armand Van Helden feat Roland Clark Flowerz
Martin Iveson Cobra XL (An Afefe Iku Offering)
Dauwd Saleh

Joe Nice (Gourmetbeats, SUB FM/Baltimore)

Laminat Interview und in the mix

Kevi Anavi (KMS Rec/Innocent Music/Zoo Lab/Slowakei)

Kevi Anavi

Konstantin K Burro Two Owl Records
? unknown
? unknown
? unknown
Alek Herdz There’s Only One Tilth Music Ltd
Cold Burn Gum Octopus Records
Dani Sbert Kaiser U.F.O. Recordings
Dani Sbert Obsession U.F.O. Recordings
Ende Atom BFractal Music
GoldFFinch Brother Turbo Recordings
Fur Coat Unworthy Turbo Recordings
M.F.S. Observatory Little Helper 177-6 Little Helpers
Miguel Bastida Focus CA Be One Records
RobotBoy Not Surrender Attary Records
Saytek Deep Down (Aney F. Rmx) Wiggle Records
White Brothers Moon Night Room69 Records

DJ Flinn (Commandyoursoul/Wien)

DJ Flinn

Armando Welcom II The Warehouse
Dj Oji & Una We Lift Our Hands In Sanctuary
Mateo & Matos Got A Mesage (Dj Sneak’s Messenger Mix)
Greg Cash Party Chat
Dj Lil Tal Find A Love
C.C.B I Don’t Wanna Le U Go (Cause Im Crazy Bitch) Mix
Kenny Larkin Smile
Playboy In Da Jungle (Mod Wheel Remix)
Octave One New Life (Claude Young & Takasi Nakajima)
Da Sampla Westside Sessions A1
Alden Tyrell & Gerd Luv Thang
Kevin Saunderson feat. Inner City Future (Kenny Larkin Tension Mix)
Jovonn Back To House (Ian Pooley’s New Dub)
Floorplan We Magnify His Name
Robert Hood The Greatest Dancer

Nicolas Bacher - NB Records Labelshowcase

Thomas Tribal & Gaetano Verdi Cruiser Grooves NB Records
Tony Vegazz Blueprint NB Records
Florian Kaltstrøm Hushnaya NB Records
Nicolas Bacher Sunrise NB Records
Dave Slide & Eric Fischer Relax Your Self NB Records
Robert Stahl Massive NB Records
Sutter Cane Acid Flash NB Records
DavidChristoph Perception NB Records
Niereich Exponate NB Records
Altberg Duich NB Records
A-Brothers A-Riser NB Records
Boriqua Tribez Detroit NB Records
AlternativKlang & Boyoboy Drowning In Debts NB Records

Sebastian Schlachter

Anna Leevia in the mix
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