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25. 6. 2015 - 13:39

Freitag, 26. 6. 2015

Skero und Nazar: HipHop live vom Donauinselfest | Nördlich der Mondberge | ÖH: neue, alte Koalition | Sommerkino | Top FM4 | La Boum De Luxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with John Megill

Breakfast for your ears. Only the coffee you'll have to make yourself.

Update (10-12)

with Julie McCarthy

Artist Of The Week: Skero | Movie Update mit Markus Keuschnigg | Termine | Webtip

Reality Check (12-14)

with Chris Cummins

  • The EU migrant summit

Sandra Gathmann reports from Brussels on the EU migration summit.

  • The EU in crisis

Migrants, Greece, and a growing anti-EU force in many member countries: what is happening to the EU? EU analyst, Johannes Pollack, gives his views on current events and what they mean for the Union.

  • Attack on French factory

Catherine Field reports on the news coming from Lyon of a terror attack on a gas factors.

  • US Supreme Court upholds Obamacare

In a ruling yesterday, the US Supreme Court has declared that the tax subsidies which make health insurance affordable for low earners can continue. Priscilla Huff reports from Washington DC on the implications of the ruling.

  • Tracking dolphins

Ahead of tomorrow's Saturday Special, Joan Gonzalvo of the Ionian Dolphin Project explains how anyone who is interested can take part in dolphin research.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with DJ Functionist and DJ Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Maribou State The Clown feat. Pedestrian (Axel Boman Remix)
Lake People Come Over Later (original mix)
Hiatus Kaiyote Breathing Underwater (DJ Spinna Galactic Soul Remix)
TORSKE, Bjorn Expresso
Soichi Terada Do it again
Electronic Array Dance 101
John Barera & Will Martin 1,2,3 (Feel Right)
Roman Flügel Sliced Africa
Tambien Deephai edit
Clio Eyes
The Droids The Force
A&O Take me
Daphni Caribou

Connected (15-19)

mit Claudia Czesch

Am Freitag erscheint die FM4 Sound Selection 32!

FM4 am Donauinselfest
Nach der Arbeit oder der Schule geht's für halb Wien auf "die Insel". FM4 feiert am Freitag mit HipHop, unter anderem präsentiert Skero sein neues Album erstmals live.

Buch: I. J. Kay - "Nördlich der Mondberge"
"Nördlich der Mondberge" (original "Mountains of the Moon") wird von der internationalen Kritik als "Entdeckung des Jahres" gehandelt. Es erzählt die Geschichte einer 30-jährigen Frau, die nach 10 Jahren Gefängnis versucht, wieder Fuß in der Gesellschaft zu fassen und dabei immer wieder auf ihre verwahrloste Kindheit, Verrat und Gewalt zurückgeworfen wird. Über die Autorin ist nicht viel bekannt. Sie ist Mitte 50, lebt auf einem Hausboot in England und Gambia und verwendet den Namen I. J. Kay als Pseudonym. "Nördlich der Mondberge" ist ihr erstes Buch. Barbara Köppel hat es gelesen.

#ÖH15: Linke Mehrheit
So viel war anders bei der letzten ÖH-Wahl, rausgekommen ist aber wieder die gleiche Koalition wie die letzten zwei Jahre: GRAS gemeinsam mit VSStÖ, FLÖ und FEST.

Sommerkino: Kino unter Sternen
Freitagabend eröffnet eines der populärsten Wiener Sommerkinos, das Kino unter Sternen am Karlsplatz. In den kommenden Wochen stehen Klassiker ebenso auf dem Programm wie Erstaufführungen, im Zentrum steht wie in den Vorjahren das österreichische Filmschaffen. Markus Keuschnigg hat sich einen Überblick über das Programm verschafft.

Artist Of The Week: Skero

Top FM4 (19-21)

mit Hannes Duscher und Roli Gratzer

Ab in den Freitagabend mit Roli Gratzer, Hannes Duscher und seiner Gitarre. Mit viel frischer Musik, Live-Lebensberatung am Telefon, Gästen, sowie besseren und schlechteren Witzen. Warum? Hannes Duscher und Roli Gratzer sind nicht nur die anspruchslosesten Kumpane zum Vorglühen, die niveauvollsten Kenner des Austropops und die entspanntesten Telefonjoker des deutschsprachigen Raums, sondern auch die besten Entertainer, die sich FM4 noch leisten kann.

Tribe Vibes (21-00)

mit DJ Phekt & Trishes

Live vom Donauinselfest

Der Freitagabend kommt auf FM4 live vom HipHop-Tag der FM4-Planet-Bühne am Donauinselfest. Skero präsentiert erstmals seine neuen Songs live – und Nazar feiert ein Wien-Heimspiel. Phekt und Trishes präsentieren Interviews und viel Live-Action von der Insel. FM4 ahoi!

La Boum de Luxe (00-06)

mit Slack Hippy

Clubsounds non stop - von deepstem House zu gebrochenstem Breakcore, von minimalem Techno zu maximalem Booty Funk, von krumm & krass zu soulful, je nachdem, wer gerade die Decks im Studio übernimmt.

Slack Hippy in the studio, on the Mic, with a rather shorter show than usual owing to the DonauInsel party but hey, he`s got some great tunes lined up for you all and the guest DJs cover all sorts of broken beat music for your listening pleasure . From 2-step & UKG to Electro/Jungle and Techno. Something for everyone tonight so tune In, open a cold one and enjoy .

Slack Hippy's Dog's Bollocks

2000 Black Make It Hard Rushhour
DMX Crew Electro Worm Abstract Forms
Entro Senestre Hit the Road Dekmantel
Kassem Mosse/Simone White Flowers in May Honest Jons
Martyn EF40 Dolly Dubs
Dusky Yoohoo ( LTJ Bukem Remix ) 17 Steps

00.30-01.30: LTBC (Vienna)

It's A London Thing! ...straight outta VIE
"After regularly playing b2b DJ sets as part of a local Viennese Bass music night called Concrete. Daniel (Lost Tourist) and Paul (Beats4Cash) decided to take their common love for cheeky UK 2-Step beats and all things 90's to the next
level. Starting out with reworks of some of their favorite UKG tunes, that surprisingly quick found their way into radio shows, mixes and sets of DJ's from the UK and Bass artists from all over Europe, their style can
now probably best be described as Bass music with influences of Jungle, UKG, Hardcore and NY House ranging from deeper vibes for the heads to the more crowd-pleasing 'joyful club-feeling' that predominated
90's 2-Step.

Myron We Can Get Down (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Seven Wonders Crazy ( Original 99 Lick)
Sia Get Me (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Zed Bias Untitled B1
Dru Hill How Deep Is Your Love (Groove Chronicles Remix)
Amira My Desire (Dream Team Remix)
NnG Liquorice Flavour
Basement Jaxx Red Alert (Steve Gurley Remix)
Deep Impact Burnin Up Inside
Goldie Believe (Bump n Flex Remix)
Delinquent My Destiny ( Nu Skool 2 Step Remix)
Jeremy Silvester If You Want Me
Jhelisa Friendly Pressure ( From Midnight Mix)
Ramsey & Fen Love Bug
Basheba Hold On (TWB Remix)
Ms Dynamite Neva Soft (The Mike Delinquent Project Remix)
Terror Danjah & Zed Bias Telepathy (Ft. Olivia Louise)
James Mannion Come Down (PVC Remix)
Guised Baby (Original Mix)
T Q D Day N Night (Night Mix)
Billon Nothing (Original Mix)
Hybrid Theory Tempering (Original Mix)
Urban Myths Makin’ Me Feel (Original Mix)
LTBC Love Like Dis
Flava D On My Mind (Version 3)
Royal T 2 People

01.30-02.30: Delia XXX (Vienna)
Delia XXX is a dj and producer from Vienna. Currently residence at

inkwood outside in firecracker recordings
palms trax forever (galcher lustwerk remix) lobster theremin white label
bicep & hammer day 3 feel my bicep
ringard lucien dance around 88
daze compton lobster theremin
phran ghost town klasse wrecks
k.hand untitled acacia records
darand land of the time urban imagery
omfo sirtaki on mars (electrosoul system remix) ketama records
ken ishii stretch (shogun remix) r & s records
dj nasty aphrodisiac yo sucka!
no regular play slide away wolf & lamb
route 8 it doesn’t matter anymore lobster theremin

02.30-03.30: M-JANE (Linz )
Early 90ies JUNGLE MIX. I´m djing dnb since 2006. Very much into soulful, deep stuff but meanwhile also rough, percussive soundz. dynamic is crucial. Since some time i also dj house gigs. very excited about this revitalized buzz and when i´m really funny i play 90ies jungle music. i´m using vinyl only, ALWAYS!....i hate bios!

Aphrodite We enter
DJ Hype On that dust
DJ Zinc Pranksters
Wax Doctor The spectrum
DJ Hype And remember the folks
Roni Size Physical
Aphrodite Listen to the rythm
Ray Keith Sing time
DJ Pee Wee Trick or treat
Ray Keith Now ist he time
Doc Scott The unofficial ghost
Theme & F.U. Points proven RMX (TEK 9 remixes)

03.30-04.30: OSCI (Vienna)
Osci is a Vienna based Jungle Producer, DJ and Promoter coming from Linz, Austria. He started around 2002 producing hip hop beats for a crew in his hometown.
Shortly after his first raves and and a few oldschool mixtapes he fell in love with Jungle.

In 2014 he got signed by „Bulletproof Wax“, a new vinyl-only Jungle label from the states and up to date he already produced tracks for three more vinyl releases which are just about to drop!

DJ Hype We Must Unite Ganja Rec
Ellis Dee feat. The Specialist Nice Up Ya Scene White House Rec
Sophisticated Bad Boyz All Junglist & Junglette Suburban Base Rec
Tim Reaper Ready For The... Green Bay Wax
Bazia Get Me High Green Bay Wax
Omni Trio Renegade Snares Moving Shadow Rec
7Undercover Agent Oh Gosh Juice Rec
Lo-Key However You Want It Lockdown Rec
Lemon D I Cant Stop V Rec
Sixteenarmedjack Close My Eyes Dub
Sixteenarmedjack Special Request Bulletproof Wax
Soundmurderer Champion Live Mix
Forthcoming Bulletproof Wax Dub
Soundmurderer Dreader Than Dread Remix Rewind Rec
L3ft Luca5 The New Champion The Underground Unites Compilation
General Malice Platinum VIP Big Cat Rec
General Malice & Prodigal Son Original Nuttah Remix Dubplate
Forthcoming Bulletproof Wax Dub
Sixteenarmedjack Warning Kingdom Rec
Osci Feel So Fine Bulletproof Wax
Sixteenarmedjack & Osci Shut Ya Mouth Dub
Livewire Mash It Up Big Cat Rec
Forthcoming Bulletproof Wax Dub
Forthcoming Bulletproof Wax Dub

04.30-END: Richard Jackmaster Long (Graz)

Music has a great influence on my life and personality. I can’t imagine a single day without listening to my favourite stuff or discovering new tracks especially in the deep and electronic genre. Today when it seems impossible to escape from the shitty commercial stuff I find it to be even more important to share some unconventional high quality music.The kind of music I present in my mixes touches my soul and triggers deeply positive emotions. Successfully sharing this kind of emotions with my audience on the dance floor is a great experience and appreciation of my work as DJ, producer and music selector.

Gavin Herlihy Underneath the Windmachine
Format:B Cosa Nostra Funk
Brendon Moeller Phazed & Confused
Future Beat Investigators Forthosewhoknow
Dario D'Attis The Good Old Days
Gardens Of God Fen
Sleazy McQueen Naked (Kink Mix)
Paul Woolford Erotic Discourse
Vincent Thomas If I Had Known This Before
Partyhat & a Balloon Bageera
Dexter Acid Lullaby