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17. 6. 2015 - 17:39

Donnerstag, 18. 6. 2015

Urban Art Forms Festival | Musik: Of Monsters And Men, AnnenMayKantereit | FM4 in Serie: True Detective | Inger-Maria Mahlke: "Wie ihr wollt" | Festival der Regionen | Tribe Vibes | Projekt X

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Nina Hochrainer

Something can’t be right with the tax reform. Our personal investigator, die Aufdeckerin, goes deep into the lion’s den – the Finanzamt – to find out more. In the meantime, we are generously handing out tickets for live gigs left and right: Care to attend the Urban Art Forms Festival? Or maybe the Bilderbuch Open Air?

This is your number: 0800 226 996. Psst: Strictly confidential. This text will destroy itself in 3,2,1 …

Update (10-12)

with Riem Higazi

Artist Of The Week: Marsimoto | Termine | Webtip | Film: Je m’appelle Hmmm (Petra Erdmann)

Reality Check (12-14)

with Steve Crilley

  • Pope Francis and climate change

In his latest encyclical, Pope Francis is expected to make controversial statements on climate change. Vatican correspondent, David Willey, reports from Rome.

Global 2000 are holding a run in central Vienna today, to raise awareness of the need for better working conditions in the sportswear industry. Organiser, Jürgen Smrtz, explains why we need to keep an eye on where our sports kit comes from.

  • Hungarian wall

Nick Thorpe reports from Budapest on the Hungarian government's plan to erect a 175 Km fence along the border with Serbia to keep migrants out.

  • Greece and a Grexit

As EU finance ministers meet in what is being called a last ditch attempt to strike a deal on Greece's debt problems, economist Philippe Legrain, explains why he believes the Greek government must not back down.

  • Rachel Dolezal

Civil Rights expert, Chester Fontenot, discusses the controversy surrounding the fraudulent claim to be "black" of race equality campaigner, Rachel Dolezal.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Obas Nenor My way home
Discoking Burnhart McKoolsi Talking about Rhythm
T-Coy Carino
Dj Nori Happy Sunday (Maurice Fulton mix)
Skatebard Why Not?
Wolfram Thing Called Love (Featuring Haddaway)
FERRY, Bryan Alphaville (Todd Terje remix)
Vindahl Sometimes (12" Groove Version)
Polo & Pan Rivolta (Get a Room! Remix)
resonanzz Groove on me feat Hubert Tubbs (Original version)
Simian Mobile Disco Cruel Intentions (DJ Pierre Dub - John Digweed Re-Edit)

Connected (15-19)

mit Heinz Reich

Musik: Of Monsters And Men
Das zweite Album der isländischen Folk-Pop-Gruppe klingt wie man es sich vorstellt und ist dennoch ganz anders. Weg vom happy sound ohne viel Tiefgang hin zu Songs über Dunkelheit, Angst und Schmerzen. Und dennoch will man immer noch mit den Füßen auf der Tanzfläche stampfen, vielleicht jetzt erst recht!
(Christian Pausch)

Musik: AnnenMayKantereit, live zu Gast im Studio

FM4 in Serie: True Detective

Festivalradio: FM4 am Urban Art Forms Festival

Buch: Inger-Maria Mahlke: "Wie ihr wollt" (Conny Lee)

Festival der Regionen (Veronika Weidinger)

Homebase (19-22)

mit Natalie Brunner

Festivalradio: FM4 am Urban Art Forms Festival

FM4 Universal | Artist Of The Week: Marsimoto | Termine

Tribe Vibes (22-00)

mit DJ Phekt & Trishes

Neues aus den unendlichen Weiten des HipHop-Universums.

Projekt X (00-01)

mit den Hauptprojektleitern Haipl und Knötzl

Projekt X gibt es nicht nur im Stream, sondern auch als Podcast. Fast immer verlässlich.

Sleepless (01-06)

with Robin Lee

Less sleep, but a whole lot more of everything else.