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Freitag, 27. 3. 2015

Action Bronson | Bloodline | Amadeus Duell: Nazar vs. Gabalier | Prodigy | Neues aus der Netzkultur | Top FM4 | La Boum De Luxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with Alexandra Augustina and Stuardo Freemano

We will tell you about some outdoor fun to get into during Easter!
And we will tell you about what David Bowie did back in the days.
Plus: We’ll hear from David Schalko’s new series "Altes Geld" and the band Glass Animals.
Tune in and get going with Alexandra Augustin and Stuart Freeman!

Update (10-12)

with Riem Higazi

Artist Of The Week: Action Bronson (Stefan Trischler) | Movie Update: (Markus Keuschnigg) | Termine | Webtip

Reality Check (12-14)

with Hal Rock

  • Flight security

As airlines consider measures to avoid a repeat of the Germanwings tragedy, we look at the viability of some of the measures under discussion.

  • The campaign to recapture Tikrit

The mix of Iran backed Shia militias, Iraqi forces and US airstrikes is a complex one - and the success of the campaign is vital to defeating Islamic State/Daesh.

  • Nigeria's presidential election

Nigerians vote tomorrow in what is being seen as a "two horse race". Although 14 names will be on the ballot, only the incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan and the former military ruler, Muhammadu Buhari, are thought to be serious contenders. Richard Dowden of the Royal African Society gives his analysis.

  • Google Research

The Director of Research at Google, Peter Norvig, explains the inner workings of Google, and how the company is striving to improve.

  • IKEA foundation refugee shelters

How IKEA is providing inspiration and support for a new way of producing refugee shelters.

Subscribe to the Reality Check podcast and get the whole programme after the show, or check out

FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with DJ Functionist and DJ Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Freddy Fresh & Krafty Kuts Take Me to the Disco
MOTSA Taken By Surprise
LA FLEUR Kattflickan (Art Of Tones remix)
Purple Disco Machine Where we belong
Leon Sweet Sunny Bigler (original mix)
Tambien Deephai
Iron Curtis Care
Fabe Rawmance
Roberto Auser Come on and Do it
Telephones Blaff
Discoking Burnhart Mckoolsi Talking about Togetherness
Gonzales Knight Moves
Tom Noble Malaco

Connected (15-19)

mit Claudia Unterweger

FM4 in Serie: Bloodline (Philipp L´heritier) | Amadeus Duell: Solokünstler - Nazar vs. Gabalier (Elsbacher/Derntl) | Artist Of The Week: Action Bronson (Stefan Trischler | Listening Session Prodigy (Robert Rotifer) |
Neues aus der Netzkultur (Burstup)

Top FM4 (19-21)

mit Hannes Duscher und Roli Gratzer

Fit in den Frühling - Hannes Duscher & Roli Gratzer begrüßen die derzeit erfolgreichste Österreichische Solo Synchronschwimmerin (ja, das kann man auch alleine machen, allerdings nicht olympisch) Nadine Brandl. Sie schwimmt nicht nur sehr schön sondern nimmt sich auch kein Blatt vor den Mund wenn es um die Zustände im Österreichischen Schwimm Verband geht. Außerdem spannend: die besten JournalistInnen der Top-FM4 Redaktion gehen der Frage nach – Wie gefährlich ist die Zeitumstellung für alte Menschen? Tune In: Freitag 19 – 21 Uhr!

La Boum de Luxe (21-06)

mit Heinz Reich und DJ Slack Hippy

Vitamin V wie Vinyl von Slack Hippy

Slack Hippy's Märzselektion

Nightmares on Wax Blue my Mind Warp
Romare Work Song Ninja Tunes
Retrospection This is how you Came Dunkelziffer
Faze Action Moving Cities Nuphonic
Neville Watson Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts ( Kink Mix ) Creme 12-66
Unknown Artist
Satiago Salazar 300 Northend Finest Blend
Spirit of the Black 808 Dirtz Jointz 1 Eargasmic
Jared Wilson Ghost Miners 7777
Daphni & Owen Pallet Julia Jialong
Kode 9 & Spaceape You Don`t Wash K7
Hieroglyphic Being The Fourth Dimension Mathematics
Planetary Assault Systems Future Modular Mote

Weggehtipps und Gästelistenplätze österreichweit!

Anthony Parasole (The Corner / Deconstruct / US)
kommt vor seinem Gig in der Grellen Forelle zum Interview und spielt ein Liveset im Studio!

Parasole playlist

Action Bronson Acting Crazy Vice
Nine inch Nails Closer copyrightcontrol
Soho (Pal Joey) Hot Music copyrightcontrol
Raze Break 4 Love copyrightcontrol
DJ Qu Redtones Strength
Lockermatik 1 ST. STMMNT MDR
DJ QU Sweaty One Strength

Slack Hippy's once monthly journey into his vast music collection, dusting off old classics, introducing new tunes fresh from the local record dealer and bringing in some fresh promo material from artists well loved. Expect breaks, electro, jungle, house and techno in this one hour journey into music. And of course a little bit of Moderation from Mr Hippy will as ever lighten up the show.

Dogs bollocks playlist

Khidja Looki ( Africaine 808 live Dub ) Love on the Rocks
Central Processing Unit Brothers Gonna Take You There 00010000
Jeremiah J Phase Space Tabernacle
Zenker Brothers Phing Ilian Tape
Lory D Strange days Vol. 3 Numbers
R-Zone Red Rave 2 R-Zone
Phaelah Falling ( Kulture Dub ) Disfigured Dubs
Legowelt Immensity of Space Unknown to the Unknown
Unknown Artist White Label
Lee Perry w. Samia Farah vs Kode 9 Yellow Tongue On U Sound

Starting off the evening with some proper dubstep, tribal rhythms, vocal flows and deep bass-lines coming from Nobody & Damask (Vienna).

Nemo Kuczawski aka Nobody und Simon Mellitzer aka Damask bilden ein junges DJ-Duo aus Wien. Beide kommen ursprünglich aus Osttirol. Seit kurzem sind sie Mitglieder des neu formierten Basstrace-Clans. Bei Auftritten sind die zwei meist back to back anzutreffen, heute geben sie separat ihr Bestes zu hören. Fifty-Fifty Style.

You will be able to hear these 2 guys plus many,many more artists at this bass-riddim party here.

Tracklist Nobody:

Calski We Can See (Inkarv Remix)
Trashbat Dreaming Of Fiji Original Mix
Jing Bong Ting Dennis Brown Tribute
The Illuminated Eindhoviah
DJ Madd I-N-I
Arkwright Nosalis
Biome Moody
Violinbwoy Echo Park
Truth I Belong
Gardna Sub Movement Vocal
Alpha Steppa Meets Dub Iration Sound System X Part ll
Anthologic Strictly Dubplate
Artroniks Dissonance
Mr Benn ft Nanci Correia Stand Up (Dead Belly Remix)

Tracklist Damask:

DubApes Untitled (feat. Protone)
Geode Ruh (feat. C Tivey)
Commodo So Clear
Thelem Haunted Harmonics
LSN Apollo
Biome Shadows
Kahn Abattoir
Dark Sky Double U
Indiji Shake the foundations
Taiko Nooka
Biome Abyss
Kaiju Monster
Feonix feat. Kaya Eon Eyes (Demon Remix)
Truth 30,000 Ft.
Vax Sub Culture
Proxima Lie Detection
Catacombs Badman Culture Pt 2
Biome and Thelem Juganu
Commodo $pace Cash

Moving on from Dubstep into the realms of D&B. Dogs Bollocks is happy to bring into the studio two guys who have been featured a few times by us. This time with a brand new mix absolutely stuffed full of new & unreleased tunes. Ladies & Gents .... Breakpitt & Tenchu (Vienna, Mainframe)

Tenchu junglegrime
Tenchu shadow ninja
Breakpitt & Tenchu dark clouds
Breakpitt & Tenchu ready for he grey men
Tenchu unused
Tenchu last one awake
Dorian the unknown
Breakpitt & Tenchu icebreaker
Breakpitt & Tenchu acid drops
Tenchu feat. Delight cutlocker
Kos & Tenchu strider
Dorian monstaland
Dj Snare murder sound
Dorian there is no way
Body & Soul feat. MC Daxta just a story
Derryl Danston maven (ISEE rmx)

Oh, we have waited a long time for this, the man responsible for a lot of our jingles on LaBoum Deluxe and also for an awful lot of magical mayhem back in the days: Thee Joker formerly lived in Vienna back in the days and has now retired to warmly climates,
namely Florida, USA with his wild interpretation of D&B… Great guy, great mix!

Alix Perez & Jehst Feat Foreign Beggars Monolith
Dub Phizix Yukon
Mako & DLR Feat Rider Shafique Seek Knowledge
Homemade Weapons Eyesore
Gremlinz & Homemade Weapons Feat Collinjah After Dark (JKenzo Remix)
Foreign Concept Ask Yourself
Ruffhouse Greyscale
Alix Perez & Foreign Beggars Move Aside
Silent Witness & Survival Feat Lowqui Between Worlds
Consequence & Jubei Ungrounded
JKenzo One Drop
Calibre & Chimpo Start Again
Spectra Soul Slippin
Gamma If You Go Away
Enei & Kasara So Real
Detail & Tilu Days Go By
EBK Strength
Kasara DFM
Mind Mapper & Fre4knc Third Law

Oh, now this is fabulous. This young gentleman is a fresh 16 years of age, infected by electronic music of such quality at such an early age can only mean good tings goin on.
First time ever on the show and ready to present his style of liquid D&B we proudly present DJ Cutta
Kilian Rödl a.k.a. Cutta is a young Viennese DJ. Playing guitar and drums from a young age, he has always been interested in all genres of music. When he discovered electronic music at the age of 14, he was immediately enamored. At 15, he started seeing electronic music live and found a special interest in DJing. From there, it took off. After 9 months, he played his first ever live set at the Arena Dreiraum in 2014 at 16 years old. His skills took off and he focused on DJing as his main hobby. As of 2015, his main focus is jungle and drum & bass, which is what he will be playing on 28.3.2015 at Weberknecht

MuWookie Where the rivers flow
Blu Mar Ten Break it all apart (Break remix)
Spectrasoul Organiser
Phloem Red Sky at night
Tokyo Prose ft. Zoe Klinck Kidman
LSB Rolling Sideways
Etherwood Amen Roadtrip
Hobzee, Zyon Base & Brother Night on Earth
Andy Hale L.A. Noire Soundtrack (Pulsaar Bootleg)
Dave Owen Feeling Kinda Blue
Nu:Logic Everlasting Days VIP ft. Lifford
Spectrasoul Away with me ft. Tamara Blessa (Calibre remix)
Seba Never let you go
Lenny Fontana Spread Love (Nu:Tone remix)
Clart & Paul SG Rhodesomes
Kimyan Law Copperclock
Grand Unified Le hot '99
Spherique Snowflakes Catcher
Static & Scott Allen Eastern Horizon
Hi Shelf 2moro
Lenzman & Switch Ice cold soul
The Jazzual Suspects This Beat
Club des belugas Ocean cruise
Tokyo Prose Ventura

Christian Gassman aka EMBDA loves house music. Fortunately he already had a chance to present his skills on the radio, namely on LaBoum Deluxe, unfortunately this was over 2 years ago. This has been corrected in our matrix and we are more than happy to present his personal take on house music, so sit back, relax and listen to Mr EMBDA vibes .

Soulphiction DramaQueen
WolfMüller Rudeltanz
S.U.M. Radiant
Joey Kai I Wonder (vocal mix)
Telephones Lotusland
Ess O Ess Baboon
Locussolus Berghain (darkroom mix)
Downtown Party Network Space me out (ewan pearson mix)
Merrick Devil´s dance
Palms Trax Houses in Motion (tinman mix)
Tuff City Kids Highlights
Vince Watson Deja Vu (wink mix)

Bogdan (Graz, Austria)
If we at LaBoum Deluxe HQ are not mistaken, this is the first time Bogdan ( DJing since 1992 ) has ever appeared on the show. His mixes however stand out for the attention to detail. This particular mix is perfect for ending off the show this month with minimal, deep excursions into house and techno, note the inclusion of interesting vocal snippets and conversations. Solid and deep all the way through - enjoy!

Actual Projects:
Antena Orbit/ Electronica-Techno
Kyo Ronin/ Free Tekkno
in Cooperation with Deep n Heavy Sounds
24.04. Dane @ Cube, Deep n Heavy Sounds
08.05. Dane @ Cube, Deep n Heavy Sounds with Wan Bushi


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