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13. 2. 2015 - 17:14

Samstag, 14. 2. 2015

Live zu Gast: Musik von Feine Sahne Fischfilet | Christiane Rösinger berichtet über den Valentinstag | Reality Check: Private Space Visions | FM4 Draußen: "Playstreets" Bad Gastein | Rainbow Scouting Austria | FM4 Charts | Davidecks

Morning Show (06-10)

with Dave Dempsey and Alexandra Augustin

Love loves to love love wrote James Joyce. And the FM4 Morningshow loves you. We’re here for you from 6 to 10 on this Valentine’s Day, sending you music, love and virtual hugs on fluffy airwaves!

Update (10-12)

with Hal Rock

Termine | Webtip

Reality Check (12-13)

with Steve Crilley

Private Space Visions
Back in the early days of the Space Age, it was government agencies that put all kinds of objects into orbit around earth and sent space vehicles hurtling through the solar system. The ending of the Cold War coincided with a diminishing of the aspirations and money for more NASA missions. But since the late 1990s, many commercial initiatives have started up often with the aim of building smaller, smarter and economically sound space projects. When the costs of blasting a rocket beyond the earth’s gravitational pull are obviously astronomical, can space exploration ever become a commercial success? On Reality Check, we take a look at the plans of certain private space companies, some well-known, some less so and assess their contribution to keeping alive the dream of space exploration.

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Connected (13-17)

mit Claudia Unterweger

Live zu Gast: Christiane Rösinger berichtet über ihre Ansichten und das Pärchengedöns zum Valentinstag

FM4 Draußen: "Playstreets" Bad Gastein (Chris Cummins)

Live zu Gast: Feine Sahne Fischfilet

Feine Sahne Fischfilet

FM4 / Alex Wagner

Rainbow Scouting Austria
"Der Pfadfinder/die Pfadfinderin achtet alle Menschen und versucht sie zu verstehen" - so steht es im Gesetz der PPÖ, der Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder Österreichs. Diesen Grundsatz haben sich vor einigen Jahren mehrere homosexuelle Mitglieder der PPÖ zu Herzen genommen - und die Initiative "Rainbow Scouting Austria" gegründet. Über deren Arbeit für mehr Akzeptanz in einer über 100 Jahre alten Organisation berichtet Christoph Weiss.

FM4 Charts (17-19)

mit Robert Zikmund

Die Top 25 von FM4 - online immer nach der Sendung unter

FM4 Davidecks (19-21)

mit Kristian Davidek

Music with Attitude. Schnittstelle von Populär- und Clubkultur mit einer Schwäche für Avantgarde, Newcomer und Heritage. Der Blick zurück ermöglicht manchmal ein besseres Verständnis für die Zukunft der Musik. Dazwischen: funky Gegenwart.

dimlite gone-o-tron
dj paypal i'm ready
rashaan ahmad the remedy
louie austen reality senor coconut full version
masomenos, leaticia, katapult gay tot
efdemin lohn & brot tobias remix
sade nothing can come between us pomo edit
pomo on my mind
atmosfear dancing in outer space the revenge rework
parliament/funkadelic, scott grooves mothership reconnection daft punk remix
dj steaw got to be
ike garagen soulphiction edit
sam irl einerfuerheiner
freddie joachim tribulations
freddie joachim what a woman really needs
lockah let the cool air breeze
lockah if loving you is wrong, i don't want to be wrong
samsaya sterotype slick shoota remix
salva wake ups
the stranglers golden brown
a forest mighty black tides pulsinger & tunakan remix
dust is gone
clemens neufeld impact dj rush remix

Solid Steel (21-22)

Die Solid Steel Radio Show ist eine Tour de Force von Hip Hop zu Lounge-Jazz, von Big Beat zu Elektronikexperimenten - garniert ist das ganze im unverwechselbaren Coldcut-Stil mit jeder Menge Sprachfuzzel aus Film und Fernsehen.

Yong Yong A Catia Night School Records
Walter Ruttman Weekend Unknown
Buttechno BUTTECHNO_oda_e Unsigned
Wendel Sield Proceed, Non Stop Unsigned
Oobe Purplehaze 1080p
Ross From Friends Ridley Schöttt Breaker Breaker
REZZETT Afyon Trilogy Tapes
Florian Kupfer Feelin L.I.E.S.
Hank Jackson Track 3 Proibito
Ross From Friends .biz Breaker Breaker
Ornate As-DFS Hesperian Sound Division
MCMXC Untl3 Unreleased
Gerry Read Been A Lot of Places, Seen A Lot of Faces Hoss’d
Modjo What I Mean (Mood II Swing Vocal Club Remix) Modjo Music
Ross From Friends Golf School Breaker Breaker
General Ludd Brothers & Sisters Mister Saturday Night
Soul 223 Almost Like It Used To Be Delsin
Royal Crown of Sweden Vänern Proibito

Swound Sound System (22-00)

Mit Makossa und Sugar B.

Gepflegte Tanzmusik mit Stil und Humor wollten sie der Welt schenken, die Atmosphäre einer rauchgeschwängerten Clubnacht über den Äther bringen, sich Gäste aus aller Welt einladen und überhaupt eine Menge Spaß haben.

Artist Titel Label
Makossa & Sugar B @ Celeste
Max Cooper Origins (David August rx) Fields
El Txef A Every Day Is Blue Monday ft. Meggy (Lake People rx) Forbidden Colours
Lake People Drifting Red Permanent Vacation
Muadiep Moonpool Crunchtime
Sam K Elido Connaisseur
Escape Just Escape ft. Daudi Matsiko (Justin Martin rx) Aus Music
Glenn Astro Love Is Gone Wotnot
Caribou Your Love Will Set You Free (C2's Set U Free rx) City Slang
Mind Against Strange Days (Recondite rx) Life & Death
Vermont Übersprung (Marcus Worgull Edit) Kompakt
Dirg Gerner Loose Lights feat. Rahel Ho_tep
KiNK Bitter Sweet (Special Dub Vs. Arp Edit) Liebe Detail
Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons Lovers' Eyes (Dixon Re-edit) Crosstown Rebels
MOTSA Time Goes On Southern Fried
Huxley Broken Dreams Aus Music
Joost Kumtome B02 (Nectar) Alive
Breach & Cinnaman Liberty Naked Naked
MOTSA Time Out Southern Fried
Dusky Words Later On Aus Music
KiNK Fantasia Pets
Djedjotronic Back Boysnoize
MOTSA Digital World Southern Fried
Leon Vynehall Brother Aus Music
Nibc & Life So Far You Let Me Go (LKiD rx) HK
Beacon Fault Lines (Dauwd rx) Ghostly International
Virgil Howe Someday 3Bar Fire

Digital Konfusion (00-03)

with Joe Joe Bailey

DKM - Three letters, usually three hours, usually three DJs per show. But not with clock change. Countless good times.

Mainframe Crew Derryl Danston, Dossa, Break Pitt, Disaszt and Body & Soul in the mix

Camo & Krooked Climax
Fourward Talk To Me VIP
Dossa Can't Take It Longer
Dossa Jam Session
Locuzzed The Journey
Locuzzed Out Here
Break Pitt & Tenchu Icebreaker
Break Pitt & Tenchu Acid Drops
Disaszt Snakey
NC-17 Parasite
Infrasonik Tazer Tag
Roy Green & Protone Break
Maztek Breakdown VIP
??????? Meteor
??????? Stomper
Tenchu feat. Delight Cutlocker
Hoob Black Coffee
Disaszt Unseen
Hybrid Minds Why (Fourward Remix)
Dossa Vegas
Dope Ammo feat. Yemi Feel The Desire (Dossa Remix)
Locuzzed Polyphonic
Camo & Krooked Aurora
Tenchu Shadow Hop
Tenchu Jungle Prime
Disaszt Rebound
Hoob Nörofunk
Run Tingz feat. Top Cat Sweet Sunshine (Dossa Remix)
Dossa feat. Delan Real Top Ranking (Dope Tingz Remix)
Body & Soul feat. Fourward Carnage
Locuzzed Get Up
Break Pitt & Tenchu Monorail
DJ Snare Murda Sound
Body & Soul Reborn
NC-17 Sex, Drugs, Alcohol and Videotapes
Dossa feat. Flax What We Do VIP
Dossa Give It To Me
Locuzzed Beyond
Locuzzed Takedown VIP
Dorian Devil
Dorian The Unknowing
Hoob Die Welten Der Seelen
Fourward Food Soldiers
Dossa Tunnelblick
Funk Effect Devil Dance (Dossa Remix)
Locuzzed Aldedo
Locuzzed Self Destruct
Derryl Danston Maven (Isee Remix)
Body & Soul feat. Daxta MC Just A Story
Disaszt Oh My Dear (Body & Soul Remix)
Protune Titan
Dossa & Locuzzed Moon Physics
Dossa Rucksack
Locuzzed Stratos
Locuzzed Off Shore
Skore Put It Like
Body & Soul feat. Defilla These Side
Disaszt & Subformat Alone
Disaszt Till The Sun Comes Up (Hybrid Mix)
Roy Green & Protone Soulful Brotherhood
Disaszt, Tenchu & Kos Raise It Up
Dossa feat. Deliman Rock A Dub
Locuzzed Stomp
Locuzzed Stay Still
Hoob Schutzengel
Atomique Future Generation (Break Pitt Remix)
Disaszt & Shimon No Pain
Disaszt & Mindscape Tommygun
Dossa So Good
Infrasonik Explosion
Funk Effect Devil Dance (Locuzzed Remix)
Locuzzed Gangsta
Fourward Wizkhalifa Bootleg
Tenchu Unused
Disaszt & Shimon Rumors
Disaszt Sposh
Camo & Krooked Turn Up The Music
Dossa Rainbow Ride
Camo & Krooked Reminisce
Friction & Fourward Battlescars
Break Pitt & Tenchu Ready 4 The Grey Men
Derryl Danston Maven
Derryl Danston Odyssey
Derryl Danston Dawn

Sleepless (03-06)

Keeping you company (and awake!) through the wonderful wee hours.

Swound Sound Wiederholung von letzter Woche:
Makossa & Sugar B @ Celeste

Liquid Radio Wiederholung von letzter Woche:
Turn The Night On Mix by DJ Madchen Brunner


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