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Donnerstag, 4. 12. 2014

Smashing Pumpkins Special | Pick-Up Artistry | American Cinema Restored | FM4 Draußen Update | Von Spar | Tribe Vibes | Projekt X

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Roli Gratzer

Wake up and dream on…
…with the FM4 Ombudsmann getting philosophical on the Donauzentrum and Christmas shopping,
…with Roli testing Stuarts different personalities in German and English,
…with our FM4 Morning Show Inventkalender, featuring three cool women and the invention of the BH
…with our artist of the week, the Wu Tang Clan
…with Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins talking about cats
…with our brand new “FM4 Kulturbox”. If you want it give us a ring!

Update (10-12)

with Julie McCarthy

Close Up : American Cinema Restored. A Tribute to Martin Scorsese’s Film Foundation (Markus Keuschnigg)

Termine | Webtip | Artist Of The Week: Wu-Tang Clan

Reality Check (12-14)

with Steve Crilley

Putin's annual state of the Nation speech
President Vladimir Putin delivers his annual state of the nation address to the Russian parliament later today. Analysts say Putin is expected to focus on Russia's economy, after warnings that it is likely to face recession next year because of Western sanctions and falling oil prices. Our correspondent in Moscow, Tom Barton is listening to that speech and tells us what is going on.

Sweden heading for elections again
Sweden's left-of-centre Prime Minister Stefan Lofven has only been in power for 2 months and he now says he will call snap elections. His government failed to get its budget passed through parliament, when the far-right Sweden Democrats sided with the opposition. Sweden has offered permanent residence to all Syrians fleeing the conflict and has the highest rate of asylum applications per capita of any EU country. The far right party polled 13% in Septembers elections, are they now on track to make bigger gains? Our Scandinavia reporter Lars Bevanger is watching the situation very closely.

Eric Garner
Thousands of people have joined protests in New York after a grand jury ruled that no charges would be brought against a white police officer involved in the death of Eric Garner, an unarmed African-American man he had in a stranglehold. The United States justice department has said it will launch a civil rights investigation. We have a special report into events here and their aftermath.

Fears for Syrian refugees in winter
As the campaign against Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq continues, fears are growing for refugees from that region who have fled to Iraqi Kurdistan. Tens of thousands could be at risk as winter closes in and temperatures drop. Our reporter Olly Barratt has been to a refugee camp outside the city of Erbil, which houses mainly Syrian-Kurdish refugees.

Nuclear Lies
‘Nuclear Lies’- a documentary about plans to build what promises to be the world’s biggest nuclear energy plant in India. The Indian government is pulling out all the stops to get its citizens on board, never mind the possible negative consequences regarding the environment and people’s health. The documentary’s director Praved Krishnapilla gave us his take on nuclear energy in India.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow.
Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Marcus Valle Estrelar
Gilberto Gil Toda Menina Baiana (Tahira re-edit)
JaneFondas Street Dancin'
Taro Tokugawa Here my Dear
Adam Strömstedt The 3rd Bass
RICH LANE New Best Friend
Tom Tom Club Wordy Rappinghood
Burnin Tears Got A Reason (Jakobin & Domino's Shed No Tears Remix) - LUV003
KRAAK & SMAAK Back Again (feat John Turrell - Hot Toddy remix)

Connected (15-19)

mit Claudia Unterweger

Pick-Up Artistry
Pick-Up Artistry nennt sich eine umstrittene Anwendung von NLP und Psychotricks, die ausgehend von einem „Flirtseminar“ recht heftig werden und bis zur Anleitung zur Vergewaltigung führen kann. #takedownjulienblanc ist der aktuelle Hashtag gegen den momentan umstrittensten Vertreter dieser „Kunst“, dessen Seminare allüberall verboten werden. (Irmi Wutscher)

Artist Of The Week: Wu-Tang Clan | FM4 Draußen Update

Homebase (19-22)

mit Andreas Gstettner-Brugger

Musik: Smashing Pumpkins
Einen Tag vor der Veröffentlichung des neuen Smashing-Pumpkins-Albums "Being Beige" steht Frontmann Billy Corgan Christian Lehner in der FM4-Homebase eine Stunde lang Rede und Antwort und spricht über die Höhen und Tiefen in der langjährigen Karriere der Alternative-Rock-Superstars.

Musik: Von Spar – "Streetlife" Ausnahmsweise eine Band, die sich wirklich immer wieder mal neu erfindet. Die Kölner Gruppe Von Spar findet nach nervös-zickigem Postpunk mit politscher Agenda, nach kosmischer Disco und frei fließendem Krautrock nun auf ihrem neuen, vierten Album zum gefühlig-griffigen Popsong aus dem Synthesizer. Philipp L'heritier hat "Streetlife" gehört und sich mit Von Spar unterhalten.

Artist Of The Week: Wu-Tang Clan | Termine | FM4 Universal

Tribe Vibes (22-00)

mit DJ Phekt & Trishes

Zu Gast sind diesmal der Produzent/Vokalist Wandl und MC P.tah aus Wien, die jeweils ihre neuen EPs vorstellen. Außerdem hören wir uns anlässlich des neuen Albums das große Wu-Tang Clan Special vom letzten Jahr nochmal an und lassen im Bassrunner Reggae Corner die neusten Sounds aus Jamaika und der Welt Revue passsieren…

Paigey Cakey Boom Bang (Original Runtin Version)
Wu-Tang Clan Keep Watch
De La Soul ft. Chuck D The People
MC Melodee Don't Get It Twisted
J Dilla ft. Madlib & Guilty Simpson Baby
Wandl Interview
Wandl Steps
Wandl Done
Wandl World
P.tah Interview
P.tah Rechtsruck (Testa Remix)
P.tah Spitting
Wu-Tang Clan Special zu '36 Chambers'
Wu-Tang Clan C.R.E.A.M.
Wu-Tang Clan Protect Ya Neck
Wu-Tang Clan M.E.T.H.O.D. Man
Wu-Tang Clan Tearz
Wu-Tang Clan Can It Be All So Simple
Wu-Tang Clan Da Mystery Of Chessboxin'
Wu-Tang Clan Shame On A Nigga
Bassrunner Reggae Corner
MYKAL ROSE Special Moment
GAPPY RANKS Me alright
JESSE ROYAL Gimmie likkle
V.A. Player Riddim Megamix
ITHIOPIA SOUND 60 Seconds of fame
KRANIUM FT TROY AVE Lifestyle (Remix)
MR. LEXX Interview
MR. LEXX Do road

Projekt X (00-01)

mit den Hauptprojektleitern Haipl und Knötzl

Projekt X ist eine relativ gute Sendung. Sicher nicht die beste, aber auch nicht die schlechteste.

Projekt X gibt es nicht nur im Stream, sondern auch als Podcast. Fast immer verlässlich.

Sleepless (01-06)

with Joe Joe Bailey

Less sleep, but a whole lot more of everything else.