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11. 4. 2014 - 17:44

Samstag, 12. 4. 2014

EU Elections: This Time It's Different | Live: Chris Garneau | Buch: Das Mädchen mit dem Haifischherz | Eugen Freund vs. Michael Nikbaksh | Flimmern | FM4 Charts | Davidecks | Solid Steel | Swound Sound | Digital Konfusion

Morning Show (06-10)

with Dave Dempsey and Alex Augustin

It’s gonna be a weird show! We'll try to clone John Lennon with DNA from a rotten tooth, dance catastrophes, play God of Light and spend some time inside a bear. Luckily there'll also be normal stuff like music and information about music and music to which you can win tickets! Tune in!

Update (10-13)

with Riem Higazi

DVD Corner: Gravity (Pia Reiser)

Termine | Webtip

Reality Check (12-13)

with Chris Cummins

EU Elections: This Time It's Different
Next month's EU elections will involve an estimated 400 million voters spread over 28 nations. Brussels says these are the most important EU elections in history but what issues are preoccupying European voters? On this RC special, recorded at the European Parliament, we gather the perspective and opinions of journalists and observers from the far west and the extreme east of the bloc - and hear of an election dominated by fear and loathing.

Listen to the programme after the show via Podcast or at

Connected (13-17)

mit Nina Hofer

Livegast: Chris Garneau
Zu Jahresbeginn war Chris Garneaus Single "Oh God" auf Platz 1 der FM4 Charts. Mit seinem Konzeptalbum "Winter Games" ist er heute Abend live im RadioKulturhaus zu Gast; davor kommt er uns noch im FM4-Studio besuchen.

Buch: Jenni Fagan: Das Mädchen mit dem Haifischherz
Ein Panopticon, oder Panoptikum, ist ein aus dem England des späten 18. Jahrhunderts stammendes Konzept für Gefängnisse oder auch Fabriken, worin alle Menschen von einer einzigen Person überwacht werden können. "Panopticon" ist der Originaltitel des Romans der Britin Jenni Fagan. In ein "Panopticon", in eine Besserungsanstalt für Jugendliche, wird die 15jährige Protagonistin eingewiesen. Sie soll daran Schuld sein, dass eine Polizistin im Koma liegt. (Eva Umbauer)

Flimmern, der assoziative Wochenrückblick mit Natalie Brunner | Ton, Steine Scheren on Tour |

FM4 Charts (17-19)

mit Robert Zikmund

Die Top 25 von FM4 - online immer nach der Sendung unter

FM4 Davidecks (19-21)

mit Kristian Davidek

Music with Attitude. Schnittstelle von Populär- und Clubkultur mit einer Schwäche für Avantgarde, Newcomer und Heritage. Der Blick zurück ermöglicht manchmal ein besseres Verständnis für die Zukunft der Musik. Dazwischen: funky Gegenwart.

allen alexis who cares a.g. trio remix
first choice love thang
harold faltermeyer axel f. davidecks & drums remix
branko dirty works
bizarre inc i'm gonna get you
turin breaks pain killer
amalia rodrigues cravos de papel
joy denalane wo wollen wir hin von hier dexter remix
luscious jackson under your skin
no crass the hour moustache machine remix
yuksek off the wall brodinski remix
goldlink ay ay
disclosure x friend within the mechanism
dena cash, diamonds, swimming pools
tropkillaz & d!rty aud!o hahaha
ginuwine pony salute remix
restless leg syndrome hammasichanimmada
dj buzz & preddy drinknedits intro
dj buzz & preddy hildegard knef b/p edit
dj buzz & preddy breakdance skit
dj buzz & preddy al hirt b/p edit
dj buzz & preddy silver apples
detroit swindle b.y.o.
shit robot, museum of love dingbat
daniel avery drone logic
benjamin franklin, dan caster bleeding kyoday remix

Solid Steel Radio Show (21-22)

Coldcut in the mix

Eine Tour de Force von Hip Hop zu Lounge-Jazz, von Big Beat zu Elektronikexperimenten - garniert mit jeder Menge Sprachfuzzel aus Film und Fernsehen.

Part 1: Posthuman
Chris & Cosey Dancing Ghosts Doublevision - 1984
Knight Action R-Trax (Special Mix) Let’s Dance - 1985
Sleazy D I've Lost Control Trax - 1986
Phuture Acid Tracks Trax - 1987
808 State Flow Coma Creed - 1988
Gene Hunt Living In A Land Housetime - 1989
Bobby Konders Nervous Acid Nu Groove - 1990
UR 303 Sunset Underground Resistance - 1991
Acid Junkies Short On Acid Djax-Up Beats - 1992
Fred Gianelli Eloquence Telepathic - 1993
Armando Pleasuredome Trax - 1994
Link & E621 Antacid Warp - 1995
Woody Mc Bride The Birdman Communique - 1996
Ege Bam Yasi Acid C.I.D. (Sub Version) Subversive - 1997
Plastikman Rekall Minus - 1998
The Black Dog Psycosyin Warp - 1999
Part 2: Posthuman
Luke Vibert Analord Planet Mu - 2000
Phuture Box Energy (AFX Remix) Rephlex - 2001
Dr Derek F Chrome Tear Skam - 2002
Luke Vibert Love Acid Warp - 2003
DK7 Slipstream Output - 2004
AFX Boxing Day Rephlex - 2005
The Doubtful Guest Snoutful (Posthuman Remix) Seed - 2006
Syntheme Easy Planet Mu - 2007
Mark Archer Riser Mutate - 2008
Legowelt Zompy Land Crème Organization - 2009
Global Goon Craehzrhd Balkan Vinyl - 2010
Affie Yusuf Acid Plaground Balkan Vinyl - 2011
Cassegrain & Tin Man Sear Killekill - 2012
Mark Archer Cogzy Anecdote - 2013
Posthuman Back To Acid Body Work - 2014
Part 3: Lexis
Luke Vibert Sparky Is A Retard Soundofspeed
Luke Vibert I Hear the Drummer Ninja Tune
Wagon Christ Deux Ans De Maïa Ninja Tune
Wagon Christ Electro Gangsta Unreleased, Peel Sessions
BluRum13 Earthbound (Produced by Luke Vibert) The Elephant
Wagon Christ Lazer Dick Ninja Tune
Luke Vibert I Love Acid Warp
Luke Vibert Acid 2000 Planet Mu
Wagon Christ The Groove (Souled Out) Ninja Tune
Luke Vibert Acage Hypercolour
Kerrier District Let's Dance And Freak Rephlex
Kerrier District Disclix Rephlex
Falty DL Human Meadow (Luke Vibert Remix) Planet Mu
Luke Vibert House Stabs Planet Mu
Ace of Clubs Rubber Chunks Firstcask
Jean-Jacques Perrey & Luke Vibert Moog Acid 138 LoEB Records
Spac Hand Luke Psycho Rephlex
Part 4: Lexis
PART 4 Lexis
Wagon Christ Kiddies Swing Unreleased, Peel Sessions
Plug Feeling So Special Ninja Tune
Plug Back On Time Ninja Tune
Amen Andrews Babylon Rephlex
Luke Vibert Slowfast Warp
Wagon Christ Rennie Codgers (Interlude) Ninja Tune
Luke Vibert A Fine Line Soundofspeed
Luke Vibert Do Unto Others Mo Wax
Luke Vibert Get Your Head Down Ninja Tune
Wagon Christ Bend Over Ninja Tune
Jamie Lidell A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Mix) Warp
Wagon Christ Harmoney Ninja Tune
Dj Food Turtle Soup (Luke Vibert Mix) Ninja Tune
Aphex Twin Ventolin (Luke Vibert Mix) Warp
Luke Vibert So Long (Outro) Mo Wax

FM4 Swound Sound System (22-00)

Mit Makossa und Sugar B.

902. Swound: Adriatique

Artist Titel Label
Extrawelt In Shape To Escape Traum
Cabaret Nocturne Astro Tango Join Our Club
WD2N Future Society Mexa
Frankey & Sandrino The Edge Innervisions
Tobias Heartbeat Ostgut Ton
Marc Ashken Cat Walk feat. SOS Get Physical
Mano Le Tough Tempus Maeve
DJ Koze Amygdala (Roman Fluegel rx) Pampa
Mind Against Argo Cocoon
Mathew Jonson Magic Through Music Itiswhatitis
Adriatique (Diynamic Radioshow 03/14)
High Heels Breaker ft. Sarah Palin Come Easy (David August rx) Drumpoet
Hunter Game Canyons Last Night On Earth
? ? ?
Guy Gerber & Dixon No Distance Rumors
Ane Brun To Let Myself Go (Andre Hommen rx) Objektivity
? ? ?
Hyenah The Wish (Manoo Likes Apfelschorle rx) Freerange
Pablo Bolivar I Would Try To Make This
Paskal & Urban Absolutes t. Pete Josef Take The Fall (Manuel Tur rx) Sonar Kollektiv
Flowers & Sea Creatures ft. Wrong Jeremy The Very Next Day (Adriatique rx) ?
? ? ?

Digital Konfusion (00-03)

with Joe Joe Bailey

DKM - Three letters, usually three hours, usually three djs per show. But not with clock change. Countless good times.

DJ Frederic Skampert (00-01)
Wankelmut Wood & Wine
Fire Music Waterfall
Whirlpool Productions From: Disco To Disco
Bauchklang Signs
Ada I Love Asphalt
Anton Pieete Players
Q-Ram Break It Down
Fire Music Deggendorf
J Paul Getto Magic
Hiroki Esashika Kazane
AutoKratz Stay The Same
NROTB Droplet
Eastfreaks Ahora Sí
Hey Today! Wonderman
Cryptonites Boots Electric
Coburn We Re-Interrupt This Program
Noir My M.T.V.
Felguk All Night Long
Alex Kenji My Oscar
Crookers Put Your Hands On Me
Schatz & Wikinger Aufziehvogel
DJ KemKid (01-02)
KemkiD Intro
DJ Moe and MC Joe Mojo (Max Powa Remix)
Stanton Warriors feat. Ruby Goe Shoot Me Down (Steep Moombahton Remix)
Flava, Dyna, Tjen Runway (Vato Gonzalez Moombahc
Stickypod Connection Feat Blackout JAH All Blazin (Feat Blackout Ja - Original)
Jack Beats About to Get Fresh (feat. Chiddy Bang & O.V.)
Beastie Boys root down (kemikal contact vs metrik edit)
Pegboard Nerds Fire In The Hole
Wayne Marshall Orange Hill
Estelle ft. Kardinal Offishall Freak (Disco Fries Remix)
Feed Me To The Stars (Original Mix)
Vato Gonzalez Sushi Riddim (Original Mix)
Major Lazer vs Jack Beats Knock You Down
Jack Beats Knock You Down
DJ Zinc Killa Sound Heavyfeet Remix
Myagi Dirty Girls (Groovy Cuvy & Benjamin Leung Remix)
KemkiD Mei Extra feat. Steffi & Gertsch
KemkiD Mojo Instr
TC Do You Rock?
Danny Byrd Feat I-Kay Ill Behaviour
Pendulum Tarantula (featuring Fresh, Spyda and Tenor Fly)
Ed Rush & Optical Pac Man (Upbeats Remix)
Dirtyphonics No Stopping Us (feat. Foreign Foreign Beggars
DJ Matthias Helmchen (02-03)
Adam Freeland Under Control
Mosca Meat Market
Black Twan Travellin
The Japanese Popstars So Shockin
Moguai & Westbam Original Hardcore
Hard Rock Sofa Spatial Pleasure
Scuba The Hope
The Crystal Method Keep Hope Alive
Infusion Love & Imitation
Graham & Blades Argie Barbie
Funk D'Void Diabla

Sleepless (03-06)

with Joe Joe Bailey

Keeping you company (and awake!) through the wonderful wee hours.

03 – 05 Uhr
Swound Wiederholung von letzter Woche:
901. Swound Sound – Makossa, Sugar B & Scheibosan @ Oben

05 – 06 Uhr
Liquid Radio Wiederholung von letzter Woche:
DJ Morpheus Chill Out Session