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Freitag, 26.7.2013

Artist of the Week: Major Lazer | FM4 Unter Palmen: "Das war mein ärgstes Urlaubsvergehen" | Popfest Wien | Copyright/Copywrong | Homebase Parade | La Boum Deluxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Nina Hochrainer

We’re moving like Jagger today, because it’s Mick’s 70th birthday. And speaking of pop: The Popfest is in full swing at the Karlsplatz in Vienna – we are reporting from there. And guess what we’re having for breakfast this morning? Cricket chocolate bars. Yes. Heuschreckenschokoriegel. Tastes yummy and is full of protein!

Update (10-12)

with Chris Cummins

Film: Movie Update mit Pia Reiser

FM4 Artist Of The Week: Major Lazer (Daniela Derntl)
| Termine | Webtip

Reality Check (12-13)

with Hal Rock

  • Tunisia


There have been anti-government protests across Tunisia after the killing of opposition politician Mohamed Brahmi. A member of the secular, Arab nationalist Popular Front party, Brahmi was shot by two gunmen as he was in his car just outside his home. The assassination comes five months after a similar killing plunged the country into crisis. How much is known about the attackers and just how fed up are Tunisians with the the government led by the moderate Islamist ruling party, Ennahda? We hear from Patrick Smith, editor of the Africa Confidential newsletter.

  • Eating Insects

Earlier this year, the United Nations said eating more insects would help reduce world hunger. Compared to meat from, for example, cattle, protein from insects is all more efficient to produce – less water is needed and less CO2 is produced. But, while in many countries insects are a staple part of people’s diets, in Western societies we balk at the idea. Pat Crowley is the founder of a company that makes energy bars using cricket flour, with the aim of getting us used to the idea of eating insects.

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FM4 Unter Palmen (13-14)

mit Hannes Duscher und Roli Gratzer

Die liebgewonnene Sommertradition des mittäglichen Plauderns über saisonale Topthemen mit prominenten GastmoderatorInnen und mit HörerInnen. Diese Woche im Studio: Hannes Duscher und Roli Gratzer

Ruft an: 0800 226 996
Aus dem Ausland: +43 1 503 63 18

Das Thema am Freitag: "Einbruch ins Schwimmbad, Pinkeln in Seen, das war mein ärgstes Urlaubsvergehen!"

Diese Sendung gibt es für 7 Tage on Demand

FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow. Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Robosonic & Adana Twins Barracuda
Louie Austen Never & Ever (Robosonic Remix)
Johnny Corporate Sunday Shouting (Robosonic Remix)
Stefano Ritteri & Robosonic She was on my mind
Robosonic No Moral
Robosonic & Laura Weider Feldrecord im Zirkus
Robosonic & Adana Twins La Fique
Robosonic ft. Master Ace Good Warm Feel
David Keno ft. HRRSN Sunshine (Robosonic vocal remix)
Robosonic The Edge

Connected (15-19)

mit Esther Csapo

Catastrophe & Cure am Popfest Wien
Im Connected Studio schauen die heutigen Co-Headliner der großen Seebühne vorbei: Amadeus Gewinner Catastrophe & Cure erzählen vom Soundcheck zum größten Popfest Wiens.

Obama covert daft punk! | Copyright, Copywrong. Der FM4-Urheberrechtsbeistand |
Film: Movie Update mit Markus Keuschnigg | Festivalradio: Popfest Wien | FM4 Artist Of The Week: Major Lazer (Daniela Derntl)

Homebase Parade (19-21.30)

mit Natalie Brunner

Die sommerliche Wunschsendung für deinen FM4-Abend. Schick uns ein Mail oder ruf an unter 0800 226 996.

FM4 Artist Of The Week: Major Lazer (Daniela Derntl) | Termine

La Boum de Luxe (21.30-0.00)

mit Heinz Reich und DJ Slack Hippy

Kühle Tunes von Slack Hippy

Slack Hippy kühle Tunes

Kevin Mcphee Jam Idle Hands
Le Loup A Lost Treasure Eklo
Sound Design Devils Dance Freeze
Beat Addicts Stand Up Underground resistance
Sound Design Raven Theme Freeze
Unknown Biscuit Twat Voyeur Rhythm
Le Sale On the Beach ( Mike Burns remix ) Luv Shack
Andy Hart & Max Graff Pullemann 18 Ton aus Holz
Head High Burning Power House
Mario Diaz feat. Mr Lee Can you Feel it Hot Mix
Lil Louis The Conversation White Label

Weggehtipps und Gästelistenplätze österreichweit

Argenis Brito / Cadenza, Caracas (VE)

Rainer / Half Baked Records & Desolat, Barcelona kommen als Botschafter für die "Phantastische Bredouille im Garten" für Interview und Mix live ins Studio!

Dogs Bollocks with your host Slack Hippy . A mixed up blend of electronic music hand picked, rediscovered, fresh or old. Doesn’t matter, the main thing is it has to be good .

Dogs bollocks Slack Hippy Selection

romare jimi & faye black acre
todd terry dumdum cry fourth floor
neville watson songs to elevate pure minds (kink & rachel remix ) creme 12-16
le coup brotherland eklo
burning tears & jakobin heartcore luv shack
Francis inferno orchestra 3am piano thing voyeur rhythm
lone airglow fires R&S
the streets has it come to this locked on

Following on at 00.30 we have a little showcase from Cracked, a Vienna based crew of young, inspired DJs who will be celebrating their First Birthday as a crew next week on the 3rd of August in Das Werk Spittelauer Lände 12, Stadtbahnbogen 331. So, we at Dogs Bollocks thought it would be about time to bring them on the Radio and introduce them all to the wider electronic Radio World with a little showcase. Enjoy

Being founded in 2012, CRACKED started as host of 2nd floors for the well-known viennese Drum and Bass nights Vollkontakt. In August 2012, the first independent CRACKED club night took place at Fluc Wanne and more bass-heavy, ecstatic party nights were to follow.
CRACKED is known for its sophisticated take on booking, not being influenced by commercial trends and electronic mainstream.

DJ Naice ( Cracked Vienna )
I have a vision of electronic music. in this vision, boundaries between different subgenres of electronica are abolished and people enjoy music, whatever genre it is counted to. In this vision, electronic music becomes a fusion of its various subgenres, with influences taken from everywhere and a dj set becomes a journey through the spectrum of different styles.

SpectraSoul Shoestring Shogun Audio
Boddika Beats Me Nonplus
Paleman Etch School
Decka Sound Movements [Free Download]
Kamikaze Space Programme Trieste Deca Rhythm
XXXY Studio 9 (Just Like That) Rinse
Bad Mojo Take The Beat Back (The Town remix) Meanbucket
Foamo Sherlock (Kry Wolf remix) Fat!
DVWLX Not Another Love Song Black Butter
Allmostt Too Late Hot N Heavy
GoldFFinch Arabian Prince 877
Kry Wolf Concrete (Woz remix) Sounds Of Sumo

DJ Fabolis ( Cracked Vienna )
2010 startete Fabolis damit House Tracks auf kleineren Partys aufzulegen, nach circa einem halben Jahr entdeckte er Tech & Deep House für sich und bewegt sich seitdem überwiegend im Techno. Zurzeit bespielt Fabolis in und um Wien diverse Clubs und Partys. Auf einer Party lernte er Dj Naice kennen und gemeinsam mit Bassbakery formierte sich die "Cracked" Crew.

Ken Hayakawa Ruaf Mi Ned An (Original Mix) Vienna Wildstyle
Bacalao &Sonne My Heart (Original Mix) FREE SOUNDCLOUD TRACK
Chris Hope & Andre Walter My Own Milf (Original Mix) Phobiq
Oliver Huntemann Magnet (Original Mix) Ideal Audio
Alan Fitzpatrick In The Beginning (Original Mix) DRUMCODE
Modeselektor German Clap Monkeytown Records
Boddika & Joy O Mercy Sunklo
Pan-Pot & Pascal Mollin The Elephant (Pascal Mollin & Thorsten Heiser Remix) Touched
Hobo Incise (Original Mix) Minus

Bassbakery (Cracked, Vienna )

We, Matthias & Milan, also known as Bassbakery are a Vienna based Dj Duo. In January 2012 we decided to team up to get out there in the Viennese clubscene. Although we both come from different musical backgrounds we both fell in love with Techno music. Milan was interested in Techno, House and Trance music since his early teens. Matthias on the other hand was more into Punk, Metal and later Reggae music. He discovered electronic music after moving to Vienna where he also bought his first Drum and Bass vinyls.
Our music can be described as a mixture of Techno and House with a lot of melodic influences.

Up to now we are playing in Clubs and at Events across the City and we have our own little event series called BassbakeryTV, which takes place every second week in the Tonstube. Apart from that we are also part of CRACKED, a little crew consisting of Fabolis, naicé and ourselves

Electric Rescue The Rave Child (Ryan Davis Cinematic Rebuild) Bedrock Records
Mononoid Orb Weaver (Original Mix) Traum Schallplatten
TRan, Teho Almeria (Oliver Lieb Remix) Parquet Recordings
Pan/Tone, Ryan Davis Armed (Original Mix) Areal Records
Gabriel Ananda In Between (Microtrauma Remix) Monique Musique
Monaque ID (Luis Junior Remix) microCastle
MUUI Only When It Rains (Original Mix) Outside The Box Music
Rob Hes Living Like A Waveform (Microtrauma Remix) Basmati
Beat Syndrome, Madloch Waiting Game (Facundo Mohrr Remix) Sound Avenue
Worakls Bleu (Original Mix) Parquet Recordings

Richard Jackmaster Long (Whoop Whoop Crew , Graz)
Music has a great influence on my life and personality. I can’t imagine a single day without listening to my favourite stuff or discovering new tracks especially in the deep and electronic genre. Today when it seems impossible to escape from the shitty commercial stuff I find it to be even more important to
share some unconventional high quality music.

The kind of music I present in my mixes touches my soul and triggers deeply positive emotions. Successfully sharing this kind of emotions with my audience on the dance floor is a great experience and appreciation of my work as DJ, producer and music selector.

Label (Founder): WHOOP-WHOOP! Crew
Homebase: Postgarage (Graz, Austria)
Weekly Radio Show: Radio Soundportal, broadcast on 97.9FM
The Void [Whoo001] - Shivering [Whoo002] - Sehr Nice [Whoo003]

Cvbox Counterflow (Original Mix) [Uncanny Valley]
Trickski Sweat (Original Mix) [Defected]
Mike Shannon Enero (Original Mix) [+8 Records]
Patrick Chardronnet Eve By Day (Original Mix) [Records Mania]
Ricardo Villalobos & Jay Haze Mellow Dee (Original Mix) [Contexterrior]
Depeche Mode Hole To Feed (Paul Woolford's Easyfun Ethereal Disco Mix) [Mute Records]
Stimming & Einmusik Magdalena (Original Mix) [Diynamic Music]
Funkagenda Breakwater (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom Trax]
Will Saul & Tam Cooper feat. Phonique Tech Noir (Phonique Remix) [Simple]
Bjorn Torske Langt Fra Afrika (Todd Terje's Enda Lengre Miks;fra Afrika Altsa) [Smalltown 12]

Slack Hippy in the Mix