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Freitag, 28. 6. 2013

DataDealer | FM4 Draußen "Sellaronda Hero" | ÖH: Die neue Bundesvertretung | Konjunkturprognose | Homebase Parade | La Boum de Luxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with Stuart Freeman and Conny Lee

School’s out for summer! At least for the east oft he country, where students are getting their grades today. But we‘re still giving you a good reason to get up in the morning! For example the music duo Maur Due & Lichter, who will be joining us in the studio today and play a song live. So get up! (get on up! Stay on the scene! Get on up!)

Update (10-12)

with Julie McCarthy

FM4 Artist Of The Week: Sigur Rós (Christian Pausch) | Termine | Webtip | Movie Update (Petra Erdmann)

Reality Check (12-14)

with Steve Crilley

Today's stories:

  • South Africa waits

As Nelson Mandela's health deteriorates, South Africa is already celebrating the life of its greatest hero. Karen Allen reports from Pretoria on the mood among South Africans at this highly symbolic point in their history.

Anna Maria Menenzo talks to Joanna Bostock about women's rights in the Philippines

  • EU and youth unemployment

Sandra Gathmann reports from Brussels on the EU's new proposals to tackle youth unemployment.

  • Croatia and the EU

Chris Cummins looks at Croatia's past, present and future as it prepares to join the EU on Monday.

  • Die Erste Foundation Awards

Joanna Bostock finds out about "Little People Romania" - the winner of the Erste Foundation Award for Social Integration.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow. Available with immediate effect - the stream!

DJ Smash Kickit
Ghostface Killah Kilo
Madvillain Meat Grinder
Consequence co-starring Diggy Simmons & Mac Miller I'm V.I.P.
Jay Z feat. Common Open Letter (Part II)
Pusha T Trouble On My Mind ft Tyler The Creator
Mike Jones feat. Bun B & Snoop Dogg My 6-4 (dirty)
Rza la rhumba (feat. method man)
Tweet Feat. Missy Elliott Turn Da Lights Off
Om Unit CIV038 02 Dark Sunrise (feat Tamara Blessa)
Maayan Nidam Merry Go Round - Original Mix
Die & Jenna G 1000 Soul Songs (Extended DJ Special Mix)
Matias Aguayo Minimal - DJ Koze Remix
Al Kent Come Back Home (EP Edit)
Mr. Snippy edits Keep it in the Family - Mr. Snippy edit
danny krivit Going Back To My Roots (RMX)
Millie Jackson We Got to Hit it Off (Alkalino Rework)

Connected (15-19)

mit Esther Csapo

Game: "Data Dealer" – erfolgreiches Serious Game, Made in Austria
Über ein Jahr ist es her, als eine erste Version des Datensammelspiels „Data Dealer“ vorgestellt worden ist. Es handelt sich dabei um ein sogenanntes Serious Game, also ein Spiel, das nicht nur unterhalten soll, sondern gewissermaßen auch eine Botschaft hat. „Data Dealer“ versetzt einen in die Rolle eines/einer Datenhändler/in und zeigt, wie sich der Handel mit sensiblen, personenbezogenen Daten mitunter verselbstständigen kann und wer möglicherweise welche Daten von uns speichert und weitergibt. „Data Dealer“ soll demnächst in einer englischen Version vorliegen, dazu läuft derzeit eine Kickstarter-Kampagne. Quasi nebenbei hat das Spiel vor wenigen Tagen beim „Games for Change“-Festival in New York in der Kategorie „Most Significant Impact“ gewonnen. Projektleiter Wolfie Christl spricht mit Robert Glashüttner über die Dynamik hinter „Data Dealer“.

FM4 Draußen “Sellaronda Hero”
"The Sellaronda Hero: the organizers call it `Europe's hardest Mountain Bike Race' and a look at the map shows they are not exaggerating. Over a course of 84 rugged off-road kilometres, the men have to climb 4,300 metres of altitude in one day. That`s like climbing from sea level to the top of Mont Blanc by muscle power alone in just a few hours. The women`s course is hardly shorter and they have to climb over 3,000metres. How would volunteer to do such a thing? Well our bike fanatic Chris Cummins of course. He joined over three thousands competitors from 30 nations and saw if he could, even just for one day, be a hero!"

FM4 Artist Of The Week: Kanye West (Trishes) | Die Experten | MovieUpdate (Markus Keuschnigg) | ÖH: Die neue Bundesvertretung | IHS: Konjunkturdaten (Robert Zikmund)

Homebase Parade (19-21.30)

mit Nina Hofer

Die sommerliche Wunschsendung für deinen FM4-Abend. Ruf uns an, schick uns ein Mail, erzähl uns was du gerade machst und lass dich von uns lieb haben.

0800 226 996

La Boum de Luxe (21.30-0.00)

mit Camo & Krooked, Natalie Brunner und Sebastian Schlachter

Diese Woche holen Camo & Krooked mit Mefjus und Disaszt zwei der bedeutendsten Persönlichkeiten der Österreichinschen DnB szene ins Studio, welche sich mit Interviews und Sound Selections bei euch vorstellen werde. Des weiteren gibt es das neue Danny Byrd Album, die neue Single "All Night" von Camo & Krooked, noch vieles mehr zu hören.

Brookes Brothers Carry Me On
Dr Meaker Don't Think It's Love
Camo & Krooked All Night! :)
Spectrasoul Sometimes We Lie (DLR Remix)
Technimatic Intersection
Cyantific Hold Back
Wilkinson Heartbeat (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
Technimatic Sphere
Spectrasoul Away With Me (Calibre Remix)
DJ Die & Jenna G 1000 Soul Songs (Break Remix)
Wintermute Something Lost
Mefjus & Inside Info Repentence
Mefjus Far Too Slow
Gang Starr Next Time
Technimatic Evening Loop
Detail & Tiiu Days Go By
GDS Earthshine
Intelligent Manners The Morning Song
Nelver & Simplification One Dancefloor
Hamilton You Had It

Bradley Zero (Boiler Room/London/UK) im Gespräch mit Natalie Brunner und anschliessend in the mix

Ogris Debris (Nervous Rec/Compost/Affine/Estrela/VIE) in the mix

Ogris Debris Nighttrain (DUB+orig) Nervous 2013
Todd Terje Ragysh Running Back 2011
Isolee Wobble Pampa 2013
The Mole Bleep Blop Robot Maybe Tomorrow 2013
Jon Hopkins Open Eye Signal Domino 2013
C.R.S.T. Monster Munch (feat. Organ Grinder) Local Talk 2013
Mr. G Red Line Phoenix G 2013
Pablo Sanchez Out And About (Opolopa Dub) Lovemonk 2013
Rosa Lux Monsters feat. Randi Laubek (Ogris Debrix Remix) NMS 2013
Motor City Drum Ensemble Send A Prayer Pt. 2 MCDE 2013
Toky Shoxman Apparel Music 2013
Ogris Debris Closer Nervous 2013
Sir Bed & Sir Go C`mon Sunshine Foot & Mouth 2013
Ogris Debris Something Good forthcoming disko404 Sep 2013
Ogris Debris Nighttrain (Swede_art Remix) Nervous 2013
Bon Iver The Wolves (Act I & II) 4AD 2008

Klartraum (Soma/Lucidflow/Berlin) Live @Tresor Berlin am 20.4.2013

Klartraum Pluto Alone
Klartraum Phantomkatzen
Klartraum Sky Fall
Klartraum Push Yourself
Klartraum Playfulness
Klartraum Connected
Klartraum Bad Karma
Klartraum Secret Moon
Nadja Lind Fatline
Klartraum Causal Waves
Klartraum Hannibal
Klartraum Orchidee
Klartraum Pain Relief
Klartraum Tiger Ride
Klartraum Celebration
Nadja Lind Shakes (Klartraum Rmx)
Klartraum Ostbahnhof
Klartraum Sweetness
Nadja Lind The Preach
Klartraum Mirage
Klartraum Aaron
Klartraum Angelo

Acid Washed (Paris/Berlin) in the Mix

Acid Washed Fire N' Rain Stuff Remix Record Makers
Travmatic I Can't Plant
Hard Ton Work That Body Killekill House Trax
Stuff Raw City unreleased
Campaner I'am a Rebel Sub Urban
Estroe & Nuno Dos Santos Second Thoughts Nuno Dos Santos Dub Eevonext
Mercury It's You Nurvous
Kraak and Smaak The Future Is Yours - Detroit Swindle Revox Remix Jalapeno
Vijay & Zlatko Move It - Pat Lezizmo Dance Like In 91 Remix Emerald and Doreen
Xinobi Puma Discotexas
Mercury Man Gomma
PiMO Orion Moon

DJ Nadja Lind (Lucidflow/Berlin) in the mix

Raxon Stanton (Kolombo Remix)
Underset and PRT Stacho Express Clock (Helmut Ebritsch Rmx)
Giuliano Rodrigues Metalizado
Guimaraes Agarbatti
DME & Brutkho feat Jozsef Balazs Da La Vida
Addex Heatwave (UGLH Remix)
Chorniy & Rafwat Cuuba (Original Mix)
Grunbox & Nadja Lind High Heels Trap
FM & Sergej Snooze Olja
Subb-an & Tom Trago feat. Seth Troxler Time
Nadja Lind & Paul Loraine Flip A Coin
Alexandar Kyosev Change That Beat (Original mix)
GruuvElement's A Head Without A Body (Original Mix)
Nadja Lind, Paul Loraine Show Up
Danilo Vigorito Feat. Michele Signore Homegrown tears
Klartraum Pain Relief (Silicone Soul's Darkroom Dub)
G-Man El Jem (Nadja Lind El Meow Mix)

Rewind vom 19.6.2010
Rex The Dog

Chillout by Sebastian Schlachter