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27. 5. 2010 - 17:26

Freitag, 28. 5. 2010

Zu Gast: Phosphorescent | Frauenbericht | FM4 Soundselection 22 | assembly Graz | Primavera Festival | Wiener Festwochen | Jugendzimmer: Junge Väter | Salon Helga | La Boum de Luxe

Morning Show (06-10)

with John Megill and Roli Gratzer

Werwölfe, Ohrwürmer, Elefanten – in der Morningshow geht’s rund. Hummel und Gerlinde kochen wieder für uns, wir schauen, was die Sterne für „Antony & The Johnsons“ bereit halten und Violetta Parisini kommt vorbei, um ihre Debütalbum „Giving you my heart to mend“ vorzustellen. Auf der neuen Sound Selection 22 ist sie übrigens auch dabei.

Update (10-12)

with Chris Cummins

Movie Update: Unter anderem Vienna Independent Shorts (Erika Koriska) | Album der Woche: NAS & Damian "Gong" Marley - "Distant Relatives" | Termine | Webtipp

Reality Check (12-14)

with Steve Crilley

Today's stories:

  • India train crash - maoists accused of sabotage

Dozens of people die in a train crash which officials say was the latest incident in the insurgency by maoist rebels in eastern India. Geeta Pandey tells Steve Crilley about the motivations behind their attacks and the reactions of ordinary Indians.

  • Burgenland election preview

John Cummins discusses the parties, their policies, and the implications for politics at the national level with analyst Thomas Hofer.

  • The 2010 Frauenbericht - the pay divide

Economist Gudrun Biffl explains why she thinks there is still a large gender gap in pay, and what she thinks needs to be done to address the inequality.

  • US set to repeal "don't ask, don't tell" rule for gays in the military

Our Washingdon DC correspondent reports on the significance of the decision, and how it might play out in the future.

Riem Higazi talks to actor Mika Ernest Jennings about the play and its remarkable ideas.

Subscribe to the Reality Check podcast and get the whole programme after the show.

FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow. Available with immediate effect - the stream!

artist song label
Marc Romboy SL Mirage Systematic Recordings
Noir All About House Music Noir Music White
Ron Carroll The Sermon (Ron's Chicago Style Vibe m)x Subliminal Records
VS TIM DE It Just Wont Do (Mowgli rx) white
DJ Cleo Can We Try Real Tone Records
Chaos In The CBD Bong Song white
Egypt In The Morning  
Georg Levin Falling Masonry (Stimming rx) BBE
Five Seasons Love Apple (Lemongrass Wet Dreams rx) Lemongrassmusic
Beach Hoppers Keep Dreaming (Lemongrass Angel mx) Lemongrassmusic
DJ Tuco Disco Kicks 320  
Tim Green Revox Dirtybird
Deep Heat Moscow LoEB
Breakbot Make You Mine (Go Go Bizkitt!! rx) Ed Banger
Cassius 1999 (Remix Radio mx) Virgin
Steve Angello & Laidback Luke ft. Robin S Show Me Love (Extended mx) white
SOLO Layo Bushwacka Love Story (SOLO Bootyleg) white
Violetta Parisini Bound (Sonden Echosin mx) Emarcy

Connected (15-19)

mit Mirjam Unger

Live zu Gast: Phosphorescent

Die FM4 Soundselection 22 ist da und wird in Connected vorgestellt

Primavera Festival
Alexandra Augustin meldet sich aus Barcelona

Frauenbericht (Veronika Weidinger)

assembly in Graz (Eva Brunner)

Tipp: Petsch Moser, am 4. Juni im Wiener Flex

Europoly bei den Wiener Festwochen

Album der Woche: NAS & Damian "Gong" Marley - "Distant Relatives" | Movie Update (Markus Keuschnigg)

Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)

mit Claus Pirschner

Anfang April waren zwei 17-jährige Mütter zu Gast im Jugendzimmer und haben über die Herausforderungen erzählt, die sich einem auftun, wenn man als Teenager ein Kind bekommt. Viele junge Mütter haben angerufen und mitdiskutiert. Gegen Schluss der Sendung haben sich zahlreiche junge Väter gemeldet und sind nicht mehr dran gekommen. Im heutigen Jugendzimmer gibt es daher die Gelegenheit dazu: Zu Gast ist Philip, der mit 20 Vater geworden ist und nun seinen Sohn alleine aufzieht. Wie ergeht es Burschen bzw. jungen Männern, wenn sie früh Väter werden?

Die Nummer ins Studio zum Mitdiskutieren: 0800 226 996

Salon Helga (20-15-21.30)

mit Dirk Stermann und Christoph Grissemann

Salon Helga ist wie der Regen oder kalte Temperaturen oder wie Achselflecken bei hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit. Er ist da und das ist tröstlich in dieser schnelllebigen Welt.

La Boum de Luxe (21.30-06.00)


21.30 – 00.00
D.Kay in the studio,introducing the freshest D&B tunes,D&B party calender, free tickets and very special DJ guests live in the studio. Get ready for some sub-bass action

artist song label
Fourward Sooner or Later citrus dub
Fourward & N.Phect Without Your Touch subtitles dub
Fourward Nova dub
Morebeat Good Night Dose rmx) fokuz ltd. dub
Fourward Robot Inside Info rmx) subsonik sound dub
Fourward Grendel dub
Total Science feat Riya Redlines Critical
Icicle Mnml Funk shogun
Gemini Electric Rain breed dub
Fourward + Body&Soul Comply to the Rules nasca
Fourward + Body&Soul Pure nasca
Fourward Don't stop fokuz ltd. dub
Fourward Wishes citrus dub
Ben Sage Forging on Fourward rmx) subsonik sound dub
Fourward Let me Fokuz Ltd dub
DC Breaks Mankind Vip Viper
Fourward White noise down Fokuz
Fourward + Body&Soul Waiting nasca
Body&Soul Shipwrecked dub
Commix Be true Metalheadz
Trei + Johnny Hooves Body&Sole dub
Rido Detonate Uprising dub
Fourward Far enough Dsci4 dub
Noisia Thursday Vision
Rawer Simple dub
Noisia&Phace Floating Zero invisible

Slack Hippy on the Mic and back once again with a lot of musical flavour in his record box...expect deep down dirty electronica,dubstep,electro & D&B

Atomique (,Dub:iouz records,London,Vienna) in the mix

artist song  
Synkro Lost For Words  
Scuba Speak  
F Night Dive  
Marco Bernardi Mystery Of Nazerus (2562 Remix)  
Joy Orbison Hyph Mngo  
Reso Spooky  
Synkro Closer  
Benga On The Edge  
Starkey Rain City  
2562 Kameleon  
Four Tet Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)  
2khz & Hakan Libido XX XY (Zed Bias Remix)  
Tenchu The City  
D1 Jus Business  
Von D Nouvelle History  
Mike Lennon Brass Eye (Reso Remix)  
Subscape Low Heights  
Emalkay Solid State  
She Is Danger Hurt You  
Noisia Machine Gun (16Bit Remix)  
She Is Danger Hurt You (Subscape Remix)  
Downlink, Ale Fillman UnCut  
Black Ghosts Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream Remix)  
Statix Mind Over Matter  
Sigha & Spherix Seperation  
Bcee & Ad-Apt Heartache (Crissy Chris Remix)  
Flux Pavillion & Doctor P Air Raid  
Instra:mental No Future (Skream Remix)  
Twis7 Ghetto Bass  
Matty G West Coast Rocks (Caspa Remix)  
Subscape Hardcore Members  
Atomique 10000 Drones  
Bar 9 Rapture  
Nero Something Else  
Excision No Escape (Datsik Remix)  
Foreign Beggers feat No Holds Barred (Excision Remix)  
Tony Anthem & Axl Ender feat Life  
Doctor P Sweet Shop  
Atomique Ante Up  
Nic Corelli & Tom Piper Indisco (Bar 9 Remix)  
Skream Oskillatah  
Dj Zinc Killa Sound (Skream Remix)  
2562 Kontrol  
RUF What Are We Doing  
Liquid Stranger Captain Of Crunch  
Atomique Make Ice Hot  
Reso If Ya Can't Beat Em  
Flux Pavillion Digital Controller  
Reso Attack Of The Wobble  
Insomatic Wobble Punk  
Datsik Calypso  
Physical Contact  
Boy Kid Cloud Flaaavour  
Kenshu Reincarnation  
Dub:iouz Allstars Babylon  

03.00 – 04.15
Kuno kopfschuss (Cologne) in the mix
Our foreign resident for warped beats is back once again with some brain mashing madness check out the track-list and strap yourselves in for a musical bollocking.

artist song label
The Prodigy Pandemonium XL
Actress Paint, Straw and Bubbles (Zomby Rmx) Honest Jon's
Grooverider Where's Jack the Ripper (Tipper Rmx) Higher Ground
The Bug ft. Cutty Ranks Boom Boom Claat Rephlex
Lagartijeando Doloreando ZZK
Tokimonsta Playing with Toys Ramp
Clause Four Mars Jahtari
Demune Self Defeating Threads Ponowai Flora
Photek Ni Ten Ichi Ryu Science
Cyrus Space Cadet Tectonic
Vex'd Bar Kimura Planet Mu
Doom Gazzillion Ear (Thom Yorke Rmx) Lex Records
The Gaslamp Killer A Little That Brainfeeder
Dizz1 Frazzled ?
Samiyam Brad All City
Serengeti & Polyphonic My Patriotism Anticon
Prefuse 73 Yuletide Warp
Muhsinah Lose My Fuse All City
Dr Who Dat? Bahia Blues Lex Records
Exile San Pedro Cactus Plug Research
Flying Lotus Table Tennis Warp
Gonjasufi Sheep  
Shlohmo Crust Error Broadcast
Sabre Escapade Critical Music
Andre Afram Asmar Camel Clutch Mush

04.15 - 05.15
D&B rewind TBA

05.15 – 06.00
The Chill Pill. A special blend of chilled out music for the early bird. Mixed and selected by Slack Hippy