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Freitag, 26. 2. 2010

Live zu Gast: Das Pop | Szene Bunte Wähne | Next Comic Festival | Rooftop Clique | Im Jugendzimmer: Social Networks versus Privatssphäre | La boum de luxe

Morning Show (08-11)

mit Dave Dempsey and Lisa Rümmele

Astrologie + Street Art + Ombudsmann + Dusche + Olympia + Konzertkarten + Marmeladebrot + Monogamer Frosch + Sex Lexikon + Free Ski + Musik + Kaffee = FM4 Morningshow

Update (10-13)

with John Megill

Movie Update (Markus Keuschnigg)

Album der Woche: Garish - "Wenn dir das meine Liebe nicht beweist" (Andreas Gstettner) | Termine | Webtipp

Reality Check (12-14)

with Steve Crilley

Today's stories:

  • Libya's Gaddafi calls for jihad against Switzerland

A long standing feud between Muamar Gaddafi and Switzerland is escalating, with the Libyan leader calling for a jihad, or holy war, against the country. But is this just colourful rhetoric from one of the world's most eccentric leaders, or does is pose a serious threat? Steve Crilley talks to security expert, Paul Rogers.

  • Italy's water - the oil spill into the Po river

On industrial oil spill in Italy has reached the Po river and its tributaties, threatening one of the world's most important wetlands. How did it happen, and what are the dangers? Joanna King asks Michele Condotti of the WWF.

  • Young Americans turning against Obama and Senator Ben Cardin on why the Democrats will win through

Yesterday saw yet another setback for President Obama as his health summit broke up with no agreement. Voters are losing confidence in their leader according to the Pew Research Center - especially young voters, but the Democrats are still confident.

  • India and Pakistan resume talks after Mumbai but with little prospect of progress

Talks have resumed for the first time since the Mumbai bombings, but it may just be a PR exercise to pacify the Americans. Joanna Bostock discusses the talks and the issues with India and Pakistan expert, Ian Talbot.

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FM4 Unlimited (14-15)

with Functionist and Beware

The daily cross-genre, eclectic styles mixshow. Available with immediate effect - the stream!

Connected (15-19)

mit Mirjam Unger

das pop


Das Pop im FM4 Studio
  • Bob, Skeleton und ihre Freunde: Die beliebte Olympiaserie kurvt wieder durch FM4 Connected (Eva Brunner)
  • Olympia-Hausmeister Svihalek - Der Erfolg unserer Athletinnen und Athleten bei den Olympischen Winterspielen hat viele Mütter und Väter – vor allem aber einen: Toni Svihalek, den Hausmeister vom Österreicherhaus und treueste Seele des ÖSV. Er meldet sich mit Bestandsaufnahmen direkt aus dem Olympischen Dorf! (Albert Farkas)
  • Album der Woche: Garish - "Wenn dir das meine Liebe nicht beweist" (Andreas Gstettner)

Jugendzimmer (19-20.15)

mit Claus Pirschner

Social Networks versus Privatssphäre?
Exzessive Partypics, gehacktes Profil, Adressenweitergabe an Unbekannte – solche Erfahrungen macht wohl fast jeder irgendwann in Online Communities. Eine aktuelle Studie warnt, dass Jugendliche in Online-Communities viel zu freizügig mit ihren privaten Daten umgehen. Wahrscheinlich ist das bei Erwachsenen nicht viel anders. Wieviel Privates erfährt man von dir auf deinem Profil und wer hat darauf Zugriff ? Welche Erfahrungen hast du online mit der (un)gewollten Verbreitung von eigenen Daten? Welche Sicherheitsvorkehrungen kann man treffen, die häufig aber unterlassen werden ? Claus Pirschner diskutiert darüber mit HörerInnen, Bernhard Jungwirth, Online Berater bei der Plattform Safer Internet und Christoph "Burstup" Weiss.

Welche Erfahrungen hast du gemacht? Ruf uns an - 0800226996 ist die Nummer ins Studio

La Boum de Luxe (21.30-06.00)

mit Slack Hippy & Dkay

Its that Dogs Bollocks time of the month again starting of with Mr D.Kay on the Mic, presenting the freshest D&B tuneage,Guest DJs,The Dogs Bollocks Party Calender and a whole lot more

Slack Hippy taking over the studio and presenting a whole lot of sounds from the oldest,old school house to the freshest UK Funky and Dub-Step schizzle... music for your mind and for your feet as we like to say!!!

Yves Newman (Deep House Mafia) - Yves passed us on the mix for a bit of promo and its a good deep introduction to the rest of the night.

artist song label
David McCallum The Edge  
Schwarz Ame Dixon Berlin Karlsruhe Express A Critical Mass Live EP
Michel Cleis feat. Toto La Momposina La Mezcla (Charles Webster's Club Mix) Strictly Rhythm
Boddhi Satva Punch Koko (Remixes) (Ancestry Remix) Vega Records
Pepita Project ft. Paris Brightledge The Way We Were (Wayne Gardiner Remix) Pep Sounds
Azari Reckless With Your Love Permanent Vacation
Dj Spen and Osunlade Soul Heaven ITH Records
South Street Player Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox Remix ) Strictly Rhythm
Rocco Someday (Nj Mix) Real Tone Records
Hans Nieswandt, Knarf Rellom Trinity Internet Only Release Audiolith
Robag Wruhme Lampetee Movida
Josh One Contemplation (King Britt Funke Remix) Prolifica

Kuno Kopfschuss in the mix (Cologne , Germany) - Kuno Kopfschuss is our weapon of mass musical destruction for the Dogs Bollocks,sending us a mix every couple of months and every mix is a here we go for some more brain candy.

artist song label
Bass Clef Halliwick Blank Tapes
Neil Landstrumm The Coconut Kestrel Planet Mu
Various Production Chief Various Production
Tipsy Flying Monkey Fist (Drunken Head Mix) Asphodel
Sub Swara Koli Stance Low Motion
Thom Yorke Harrowdown Hill (The Bug Remix) XL
Kidkanevil Lantern 1 First Word
Illum Sphere Psycho Fat City
Sp:Mc Taiko Dub Tempa
Mount Kimbie Taps Hotflush
Burnkane You Know Planet Mu
Ultrasound New Direction Clandestine Cultivations
Kidkanevil Lantern 2 First Word
Mood Insights Cup of Tea
Dibiase Thrilla Slime Time All City
Terranova ft. Tricky Bombing Bastards Copasetik
D Bridge Zx Eightyone  
King Midas Sound Earth A Killya Hyperdub
Spiritual Warriors Mental Gear Solid (excerpt) Quiet Force
Telephone Jim Jesus The Ouroboros Tongue (excerpt) Anticon
Xela A Floating Procession Type
Norah Jones Chasing Pirates (Droogs Remix) Blue Note

DJ Farace (Kick It, Caffeine Records,Florida,US) in the mix... expect Nu-School Breaks & Bleeps
Farace is DJing at Weberknecht in Vienna on the 26th Feb for the event series

D&B rewind TBA

Chill Pill goes Housey-Housey.. A Mix of House and Techno for those who do not wish to sleep - compiled and mixed by Slack Hippy


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