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25. 4. 2009 - 16:32

Sonntag, 26. 04. 2009

Donaufestival | Lloyd Cole | Busta Rhymes | Song zum Sonntag | Zimmerservice | Im Sumpf | Liquid Radio | Soundpark

Morning Show (06-10)

with Riem Higazi

Going to the church of Donaufestival with Rev. Billy, looking back on the happenings of the week and an acoustic visit by Christiane Rösinger.

Sunny Side Up (10-13)

with John Megill

artist song  
Fragment Of Fear Sight And Sound (1979)  
Concentrate The Gaturs (1970)  
Birembau Kenny Rankin  
Kwajilori Roy Ayers (1974)  
April Fools Aretha Franklin (1979)  
The Crickets Sing Dee Felice Trio (1969)  

Connected (13-17)

mit Claudia Czesch

Im Gästezimmer: DJ Vadim

artist song  
Martha Bass Since I’ve Been Born Again  
Chaka Demus & Pliers When King Tubby Used To Play  
Sly & The Family Stone If You Want Me To Stay  
Onra Come Closer  
Julien Dyne ft.  Mara TK Layers  
Eru Dangerspiel Backfoot  
Sharon Jones How Long Do I Have To Wait For You (Ticklah Remix)  
Durrty Goodz Upset Me  

Susi Ondrusova, David Pfister und Barbara Matthews lassen die erste Donaufestival-Woche Revue passieren.

Tipp des Tages:
Busta Rhymes kommt nach Wien (Stefan Trischler)

Lloyd Cole
Der in den Achtziger Jahren mit seiner Band The Commotions bekannt gewordene Songwriter ist einer der ganz Großen seiner Zunft. Heute Abend spielt Lloyd Cole ein Konzert in Wien - Susi Ondrusova hat aus diesem Anlass ein Interview mit ihm geführt und auch gleich eine Session aufgenommen.

FM4 Science Busters | Lo-Fi Boheme (Christiane Rösinger) | Song zum Sonntag (Boris Jordan)

World Wide Show (17-19)

with Gilles Peterson

Die wöchentliche Radioshow wird u.a. in Neuseeland, Tokyo, Paris, Istanbul ausgestrahlt.

artist song label
Manuel Tur Patchworks Freerange
Souleance Manana First Word
Little Dragon Come Home Soon Test
Heidi Happy Fulltime Running Do Right
Quantic And His Combo Barbaro Cancao De Deserto Tru Thoughts
Marvin Gaye Mercy Mercy Me (Edit) Test
QTip ‘Official’ white
QTip Ft. Amanda Diva ‘Manwomanboogie’ Motown
Jungle Brothers ‘Straight Out The Jungle’ Warlock
Jungle Brothers ‘Black Is Black’ Warlock
Class Action ‘Weekend’ Jive
Universal Robot Band ‘Barely Breaking Even’ Streetwave Records
Convention ‘Let’s Do It’ Sam Records
Aleem ‘Get Loose’ NIA Records
QTip ‘Breathe And Stop’ Sony
A Tribe Called Quest Ft Ron Carter & Vinia Mojica ‘Verses From The Abstract’ Jive Records
Weldon Irvine ‘Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk’ RCA
Weldon Irvine ‘We're Getting Down’ RCA
A Tribe Called Quest ‘Electric Relaxation’ Jive
Slum Village ‘Fall N Love’ Goodvibe
A Tribe Called Quest Ft Faith Evans ‘Stressed Out’ Jiv
Janet Jackson Ft QTip ‘Got Til Its Gone’ Virgin
Chemical Brothers Ft QTip ‘Galvanise’ Virgin
Dee Lite ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ Elektra
Nuyorican Soul ‘Black Gold of the Sun (MAW Remix Ft QTip)’ Talking Loud
Peven Everett Stuck Soul Heaven
Ku Bo Kaggua Crunch Time
Ku Bo Lem Lem Crunch Time)
Ku Bo Tsu Bo Crunch Time)
Ku Bo Lefe Crunch Time)
Ku Bo Basa Basa Crunch Time)
Ku Bo Su Manita Crunch Time)
DJ Znobia Noise Mix Crunch Time)
100% Kuduro Vozes Afro Crunch Time)
Soledena Mapale Crunch Time)
Omar Sosa Across Africa (Arrival) Half Note Recs

Zimmmerservice (19-21)

mit Martin Pieper

Jeden Sonntag werden im Zimmerservice Hörer- und andere Wünsche erfüllt. Die gelegentliche bizarre Abschweifung in popmusikalische Randbereiche sei dabei gestattet.

Die Zimmerservice-Playlist gibt es wie immer beim Zimmerserviceservice.

Im Sumpf (21-23)

mit Thomas Edlinger und Fritz Ostermayer

Donaufestival Live:

artist song  
Spiritualized Amazing Grace/You Lie You Cheat  
Spiritualized Shine A Light  
Spiritualized Cheapster  
Spiritualized Soul On Fire  
Spiritualized Walking With Jesus  
Spiritualized Think I'm In Love  
Spiritualized Lay Back  
Spiritualized Ladies&Gentlemen  
Spiritualized Take Your Time  
Spiritualized Come Together  
Spiritualized Take Me To The Other Side  

J.G. Ballard
Nachruf und Würdigung zum Tod des Autors

Die Graue Lagune (23-00)

mit Fritz Ostermayer


  • Black Eyes:ditto

Liquid Radio (00-01)

When punk and new wave broke in the late '70s and early '80s, the feedback was assimilated on a global level. Minimal Compact from Tel Aviv, Israel were one of the little-known post-punk acts outside of the usual British and American suspects. Frontman and vocalist Samy Birnabch aka DJ Morpheus went to record new projects as singer, writer & composer and became A&R for SSR/Crammed Discs label, compiling and releasing a wide range of chill/ambient/trip-hop records among them the world's most respected Freezone series. He also reincarnated himself as a famous freestyle DJ and embarked on an extremely successfull DJ career, of which can be heard regularly on Liquid Radio - this time, his April 2009 mix.

artist song  
hell carte blanche  
bumrocks from el bum mini lp  
wechsel garland swim (dj koze edit)  
the time&space machine la la la  
Mirror music pretty toastie girl  
King of Woolworths tone poem  
Richard Norri s to all the wizards in lockdown  
Kenneth bager experience/fragment one and I kept hearing (orig. instru. Dub)  
Ji mob ea  
popnoname the smallest part  
boozoo bajou kinder ohne strom  
Craig Armstrong starless 11 feat. King crimson 1974  
Smith&madd wen  
Coyote how ya doin`(ipg rerub)  
Chateau marmont “maison Klaus¿?  

Soundpark (01-06)

mit Stefan Trischler


01:00 - Neu im Postfach
01:30 - Ritornell Listening Session
02:00 - Neu im Postfach II
02:20 - Waxolutionists Interview
02:55 - Feux & Mirac Interview
03:30 - Studio 2 Session Bernhard Fleischmann
04:30 - DJ Hooray "Stahlstadtflavour" Mixtape
05:00 - Elektronischer Ausklang & Aufwecker - Your place for homegrown music